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    Default Re: (3.5) The Mage of the Fiery Soul & Mage of the Icy Heart (Prestige Class) [PEACH]

    Quote Originally Posted by Lyndworm View Post
    My bad, I had meant for Diplomacy to be on there. Thank you very much for catching that!
    You are very welcome.

    While the effects of those two feats and nine levels are, indeed, a +5 to the DC... Is that really such a terrible thing? I'd say it was a ridiculous thing, myself, if it weren't for the fact that you had to blow two feats on it and are minimum level 14. Maybe my sense of balance is off today... I only feel bad that the Fiery Souls can't do the same thing.
    That was my point, not because of the unfair balance, but because Fiery Souls wouldn't get it. However, once you update Elemental Savant, it will become more balanced. (Fiery Souls can completely pierce [Fire] creatures, while Icy Souls can pump their save DCs higher)

    Edit: By the way, you should remember that you're changing every [acid], [electricity], [fire] and [sonic] spell into a [cold] spell with the first level of the class, and upping the caps...so a +5 DC to the saving throw for all your damage spells...Just wanted you to be aware of that. Take from it what you will.
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