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I chose Cold and Fire specifically because they're the two most popular elements in the game, both in offense and defense, because they're the only two with access to Piercing Cold/Searing Spell, and because they're opposed to one another/had the most obvious choices for SLAs. So, partially it was a design choice, partially I'm lazy. However, I probably wouldn't allow a Sonic-focused version just because of how rare (and therefore strong) the Sonic type is.
Well. I get the laziness. But in the interests of the public, I demand you make these classes! Sonic is rare because most people do not use it. Breaking a trend isn't a bad thing. But powering Sonic down wouldn't be that hard to do. But really, its okay if you wait awhile. These classes are just so great there should be more of them :p

Yeah, probably... To be honest, that was the ability about which I was least confident. I thought it felt a little weak to show up so late in the game. What do you think of Charisma bonus x 1d6 damage (in addition to the burst affect)? I feel great about it.
Neo made good points. I agree. +2 DC vs penetrating all resistance is cool.