It's not hard to fluff what an attack made with Acid, Electricity, or even Sonic damage would look like, but that's not what I was saying. Chill and heat metal are very situational, and are almost as much fluff as they are real abilities. I'd need to come up with/find abilities/spells to mimic that power level and utility.

Gaining the Air template for Electricity makes sense to me, and was the only one of the three that I'd already figured out. What/where is this Crystal template of which you speak? I'd like to examine it. Also, I can only think of two Acid-based templates, and neither one of them fits all that well (Horrid and Acidborn, the first is Dire Animal-only, I think, and the second is Aquatic subtype only, and with good reason). I'm open to homebrewed options, of course, but I can't think of anything to nab.