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    Remnant Weaponry and Armor

    While all sorts of outside technology is used by Remnant soldiers, the organization itself keeps a large supply of it's own forms of weaponry and equipment. This allows new recruits a broad selection of choices depending on their unit and abilities(and depending on rank and security clearance).

    Known Equipment:


    Basic Powered Armor Type One (AT-01):

    This is the basic Remnant's armor, the general service suit. Every member of Remnant, Civilian or otherwise, is trained in it's use and given access to this armor. However, due to the length of time it takes to put on, and the bulkiness it adds to the user, many Remnants prefer to wear their normal uniform while on the job. The appearance of the armor is fairly plain, mostly white with a deep purple cape, with Remnant's symbol printed in gold over the left breast.

    It features limited strength enhancement, up to half again the user's ability, and is resistant to both solid and energy based projectile weapon systems. The cloth between the armored plates is resistant to both slashing and piercing weapons as it is made from a tight Kevlar-like weave. Each suit is equipped with a deployable helmet which has access to multiple kinds of visual sensors, as well as motion trackers. The visor itself is as white as the armor, obscuring the owner's face and protecting them from sudden bursts of light.

    This suit runs on a stable cold fusion reactor kept behind thicker plates and protected by multiple fail-safes to ensure that overload is near impossible and occurrence of such a situation is well contained.

    Every suit is patched into the Remnant Data-Net, providing Commanding Officers and Medics real-time updates on the physical state of their subordinates. In a medical emergency, the suit can release a number of strong painkillers, stimulants, anti-biotics, and a foam spray to close wounds.

    The cape, while it appears as almost an afterthought, is made of the same material as the cloth on the armor itself, but is also laced with a neural weave. While most Remnants lack the ability to make use of it, a select few can control the cape to a degree where they can use it as a makeshift grapple, rope, or even stiffen it to form a rigid structure such as glide wings. However, the latter destroys the integrity of the cape after a scant handful of uses, making it little better than a decorative tissue.

    Overall, the armor tends to be light and effective, making it the staple of many Remnant military units, and is easily adapted to fit most life-forms, even those of non-humanoid shapes. The many sockets, slots, and pockets allow the suit to be extremely customizable as far as equipment is concerned.

    Due to the sensitivity of the knowledge of how such armor is made, and to ensure that no Remnant abuses the privilege of using the suit, each one is equipped with a tracking device that can be remotely activated if needed.

    Wraith Stealth System:

    This suit is based off the original Mortal Coil Powered Armor unit. It is a flat black, lacking any gleaming surface, and features the same strength enhancement as the AT-01. However, to make the suit lighter and to minimize the risk of stray sounds, much of the armored plating has been replaced with an overall more flexible, if somewhat less durable, metal fiber weave.

    This unit lacks the usual Remnant symbol, as well as the cape, but instead has been outfitted with a set of stealthed hoverboots, designed by Aurora Evans, and a cloaking system. The boots grant flight capability that is effectively silent and are patched into the fusion plant to ensure that there is always a constant source of power.

    The cloaking system is technological in nature and can be used for extended periods of time. This renders the user undetectable to most sight based detection systems, but should the user move at great speeds, there is the tendency for the system to leave a blur through the air, giving the Remnant away.

    As an added benefit, the Wraith Stealth System features a skintight underlayer that negates most forms of thermal detection, as well as a slightly more limited version of the Medical Unit that the AT-01 has.

    The helmet of the Wraith Stealth System comes equipped with the usual vision filters, but also comes equipped with a small device capable of giving a burst of sound at a pitch well above that of normal hearing range. The burst of sound reflects off of varying surfaces, and when it returns to the user, a slightly delayed image is shown to them, mimicking a bat's echolocation.

    The final difference is that the number of attachment points is severely limited, restricting the Wraith to what they can carry comfortably for the most part. The exceptions to this are the bracers. Each one has a small compartment in which a wristblade or garrotte can be concealed for use in case of an emergency.

    There are only a few of these suits in service, restricted to only those who can pass special requirements and tests of skill.

    Sentinel Heavy Battlesuit

    The Sentinel Battlesuit appears much like the smaller suit of Basic, but provides much more coverage and strength. The armor is thicker and blockier with limited observable weakpoints, leaving the joints for the most part, if only to provide some mobility. The armor provides much greater strength enhancement to the wearer, approximately five times, but this in itself poses a risk of the wearer injuring his or herself by overstressing their body. Because of this, the suit is generally reserved for those of greater than normal strength and build. Coupled with the suit's enhancements, it generally turns the soldier a near walking tank.

    Like the Basic, the Sentinel is fitted with weaponry and equipment slots, allowing the wearer plenty of versatility and choice of gear as long as it can be attached to the suit. It is generally used for what would normally be a heavy or crew-served weaponry however, letting the wearer bring more heavier weapons to the the battlefield that what might normally be possible.

    As mentioned however, what the suit has in strength and firepower, it lacks in mobility. Unlike the lighter suits, it is unable to be given flight capability, but it has small thrusters attached to the boots that are capable of slowing a fall when used at the right moment, providing a cushion of thrust to improve chances of survival. Also of note is that the feet come with stabilization clamps made to spring out and latch onto a solid surface to provide a sturdier firing platform for the shoulder-mounted weaponry. Use of such makes the wearer immobile until deactivated.


    The Praetorian suit is to the AT-01, what the AT-01 is to a nightgown. Each one of the mere 14 suits has been custom fitted to the wielder of it. They are larger and heavier with little cloth and much more armor. They appear more akin to parade armor than something just for battle, as each one is etched with ornate designs over every inch of their gleaming silver surface, but any mage who looks upon them will be able to tell instantly that those etchings are more than decorative.

    In reality, the etchings are a complex series of runes meant to ward off magic, to cause it to slip around them as water does to a boulder in a stream. The runes are layered, so if one should be destroyed, the others are still in place to provide protection from what is likely one of the primary threats to Remnant personnel. Magic. However, in every suit, under each rune is a small explosive charge. While incapable of damaging the integrity of the suit or hurting the user, these allow the user to negate this immunity if needs must by a voice command.

    Essentially, the suit has more in familiar with tank hulls than body armor, capable of withstanding many high calibre or explosive weapons. To aid in the wielder's defense, a retractable shield is attached to the user's secondary wrist. It normally takes up the space of a small rectangular block that fits on the forearm, but when deployed it extends to form a thick tower shield of the same super-dense alloy as the armor itself. The shield has a series of small nodes built into the surface that, when activated, conduct a powerful electrical shock that is capable of stunning or killing an unprotected person at the user's preference.

    The suit's strength enhancement is in the realm of ten times the user's and even helps enhance the reflexes of the wielder. While this would normally cause problems as sudden movements would likely snap bones and critically injure the user, these suits are built with internal stabilizers and bracing servos, allowing the suit to act as a second skin. These same enhancements also allow the Praetorians to carry and fire extremely heavy weapons without the need to brace them on a wall or tripod with appreciable accuracy.

    The Praetorians are given a variant of St. Evan's hover boots, made heavier and stronger so the massive suits can be given some degree of flight, but this is usually slow and unwieldy. The same could also be said of the suit's simple cloaking system. The system can only be used for short periods of time, minutes at the most, and a strong enough shock(electrical or physical) can short it out.

    The helmet's face is personalized to the wearer, allowing them to design their own, and has the same detection systems as the rest.

    To keep these rare suits from falling into enemy hands, they are given to only the most loyal and tested Remnants, to a maximum of 14 in service at a single time. Each one is also set to self-destruct upon the death of the user to prevent anyone else gaining access to the deadly units.

    The Kingmaker(Edijar's Personal Armor):

    It is known that even during Vyrn's reign in the Empire, Commander Edijar has always been unique when it came to his armor, using personal funds to ensure he always had the best possible. Now, in the time of Remnant, he retains this principle.

    His personal suit of armor, nicknamed The Kingmaker due to his status as Praefectus of The Guard, appears to be solid bronze, and when worn, gives him a commanding stature of over seven feet tall. The suit is truly massive, easily weighing a half-ton, but when Edijar uses it, he can preform feats of agility that belie it's form.

    Because of his "natural" immunity to direct metaphysical effects, Edijar's armor is mostly unadorned. What little there is includes the symbol of Remnant in black across the massive chest plates, Laural leaves on his pauldrons, and finally, the symbols of Mortal Coil, New Empire, and Vyrn's Empire in a triangle above his heart. His armor includes a cape, but this one is blood red instead of Remnant's usual purple, and is weighed down by spiked spheres till the end is about a foot above the ground.

    Instead of many of his armor plates being solid pieces of alloy, such as his chest plate could have been, they're made up of several smaller interlocking plates instead, allowing a small but significant amount of additional flexibility that would be lacking in most heavy armors.

    The armor plating on Kingmaker is thick enough and strong enough to be able to stop a tank round. The strength enhancement is more than the Praetorians'. The difference is slight but more than enough for him to be able to deal with them should one of them turn over to a different side somehow.

    Other defensive characteristics include a shield much like the Praetorians have, though thicker, and the ability to give off a shocking pulse to everything touching him once in a great while at the cost of shorting his cloaking system for even longer.

    Offensively, his suit is a powerhouse of built-in weaponry. Aside from the obvious deadliness included with the sheer power he's able to unleash physically, his armor includes a pair of three feet long blades able to extend from his wrists. One grows superheated to white-hot in a few moments, and the other is charged electrically, crackling every time it goes through the air. Both blades are made of a hyperdense alloy specially forged for his use in combat.

    Utility wise, his armor is drastically different than most. It is equipped with an advanced medical unit, allowing the suit to cleanly sever damaged limbs if necessary, and should he be knocked unconscious, be teleported back to Remnant HQ. One of the final major differences, is that Edijar can summon his armor to his body if he needs it and is away from the HQ, using a remote device to call it to him.

    When all this is applied with what Remnant armors normally have, it makes a truly formidable weapon in the right hands.

    Mercy (Bugs' Personal Armor)

    Where Edijar's Armor is built to deal death, Mercy is built to save life. It bears a strong resemblance to the AT-01, but with smoother plates, no cape, and the symbol of Remnant laid over a red cross on the chest and back. Strength enhancement and other utility functions are much the same, but there are obvious differences as well.

    The first difference is the left and right arms. Along the forearms are long tubular canisters full of powerful medications, anti-toxins, anti-biotics, sedatives, and other liquids of more...lethal qualities. Each of these is connected to the gauntlets by a tube underneath the armor. At a thought, long needles extend from the fingertips to inject the substances. With a reflexive movement, dozens of miniature manipulator arms tipped with needles, pliers, and saws extend themselves from the back of the hand and wrists, allowing extreme fine control and surgical precision for battlefield surgeries. For the more brutal aspects of his job, there's a powerful drill in the right arm, and a high powered bonesaw in the left.

    The helmet is the other major difference. Instead of the full white faced helmet like the others, the face is clear, allowing his patients to see who is saving their lives, giving them a face to concentrate on. His HUD shows the health of every person near him on a whim, and alerts him to any status changes.

    The Saint (Sunny Evans' Personal Armor)

    This suit, is designed specifically for Aurora "Sunny" Evans, better known to Remnant as Saint Evans. It was put together by many men and women of Remnant, both physically and conceptually in return for saving their lives. It was constructed in secret and is likely one of the most closely guarded ones that Remnant has as they're saving it to give to her on a special occasion.

    The appearance of the suit is small, practically skin-tight to her(if their measurements turn out right), but it is better armored than the basic suit of powered armor that Remnants usually use with smooth thin plates of special alloys, forged by Vasquez herself to be able to stop nearly any bullet dead, and deflect lasers as well as absorbing much of the impact of slow velocity objects such as shrapnel or melee weapons.

    Each plate is inscribed heavily with imagery reminiscent of engineering blueprints. At a distance they appear to be of cogs, sprockets and other mechanics, but up close the viewer will notice that the etchings appear closer to circuitry. The overall design is a closed circuit, extremely complex and even possible to build if one took the time to look over every nuance and crevice in the armor.

    Aside from a pair of flight capable boots, her back has a small pair of jets, allowing her even greater speed and control if needed. The final easily apparent upgrade to it, is that after she's put on and accessed her armor's systems, the circuitry on it will glow dimly. With practice, she'll be able to direct where the light goes, making it brighter or dimmer in certain areas to provide flashlights or area lighting if its needed, to allow her to make repairs in the darkest areas.

    The rest of the upgrades to the armor are fairly standard. Increased strength, medical assets, and fully deployable helmet. The jewel of it however is what is in the helmet.

    The suit gives her the one thing no other suit or person in Remnant has. It provides a complete uplink to the full Remnant data-system, allowing her to link up with nearly any technological device that Remnant has, as long as it carries its own uplink to the system, from any distance. The system will only work for Sunny herself and is extremely heavily guarded by powerful near-sentient programs.

    Heart of Iron (Vasquez's Suit)

    Appearance wise, the armor is amongst the brightest whites possible, nearly glowing even before any of the systems of activated. The suit itself isn't much larger than the Basic, but the sheer shock value of its appearance makes up for it. Every inch of the white armor has some form of golden filigree or rune, all centered around the symbol of Remnant.

    Strangely, the suit only has the left arm attached, with the right shoulder smooth except for a socket. The left arm has a small and smooth box shape on the outer side of the forearm and flares out towards the wrist, holding a repulsion cannon within, capable of knocking back a person or a group of people a great distance.

    The box on the arm is the focal point of an energy shield. While similar to the standard Remnant Deployable Shield in function, it's main difference is the shape of its defense. When activated it shimmers into being as glistening wall of light and force, tinged a soft gold to make it easier for people to look upon. It is more than capable of stopping kinetic and energy projectiles, and carries within it just enough magical energy in its design to help deflect and dampen spells that hit it.

    Most of the integrated systems are standard, but a few extras include boosted reflexes, advanced medical system, and increased strength well above par for the normal Remnant. Also included is a special "layered" helmet system. First, when wearing her suit, the armor creates a nimbus of soft golden-white light that surrounds her head, marking her separate from everyone else. This can be deactivated at will, but it provides a beacon for all those around her to see in order to drive them onwards in the fighting. Next is a variety of "filter shields" projected around the helm area, applying the same sort of protection that her shield does as well as filtering out dangerous compounds in the air. Not only that, but the filters keep oxygen within their field no matter what sort of environment she is in, be it high altitudes, water, smoke, or even near-void. These are both technological and magical in nature, providing dual-protection should one of those be unusable.

    Finally, there's the armor's helmet itself. It casts the same sort of light as the nimbus and has the front sculpted into a mask of her own face laced with more gold. The visual enhancements are second-to-none, complimenting her cybernetic eyes easily. Her communications and data systems are rivaled only by Sunny's Saint armor, allowing her to speak and "view" any Remnant that is activated at that point in time.

    And as usual for most Custom armors, it is equipped with Sunny's Flight Boots.

    Offensively, the suit is quite capable. Aside from the Repulsion Cannon, there are sockets for nearly any type of Remnant weapon to be attached, automated, and connected to the suit's power core. Vas' personal weaponry when it comes to this is slightly more powerful than the Remnant standard and changed aesthetically to fit. Other than this, the suit's other main offensive weaponry is dependent on which cybernetic replacement Vasquez chooses for her right arm.

    Utility wise, the suit has several useful, if simple, spells attached to it to provide things such as a louder voice when necessary, no need to eat or drink, and the ability to ignore physical fatigue much longer than what should be possible. These spells are woven into the runes covering the armor itself, so are extremely difficult to destroy.

    Overall, while Vasquez's armor isn't nearly as strong or tough as as Edijar's Kingmaker or as spectacular as Sunny's Saint, it is a suit that fills a role of it's own, designed to attract the attention of friend and foe alike and to allow her to stride through any battlefield unharmed and unerringly towards her target, guiding her followers towards conquest and victory.

    It is a suit made for a Commander.

    Model 3 Deployable Riot Shock Shield

    While not a specific armor, the Model 3 is still classified as such due to the primary function of protection the holder/wearer. Initially, it appears as a block of semi-transluscent dark gray material approximately 1ft long by 5 inches with a connection node made to slide into place on the arm of a suit of Powered Armor. When activated, the block quickly expands into a 5.5ftx3ft lightweight tower shield clear enough to see through with only minimal difficulty.

    The shield itself is made of a lightweight polymer that is strong enough to stop most small arms fire, be it from either laser, solid projectile, or more primitive forms of attack. It is quite hard and the edges have a slight curve leading away from the wielder, making it difficult for a hooked appliance to catch, which would allow the wielder to be pulled off-balance. Along the front and sides are a series of small nodes that give off a spark of electricity. This is powered by either an internal energy cell or through the suit's own power supply. The shock is enough to stun "average" opponents, and while there's a limiter in place to prevent a lethal dose from being given, this can be overridden with the appropriate commands, allowing a massive jolt that drains the power at a much greater rate than before.



    The Standard(Modified Evolution Industries Blaster Pistol):

    This pistol, nicknamed The Standard due to how commonplace it is, is quite the versatile pistol. It is based off the the EvP-1 that was originally purchased by The Empire. It's durable, simple to use and allows several strengths of shots to be used depending on the energy cell. While the average cell powers only 12 shots, this can vary on the power of the charge.

    Unlike the pistol's predecessor however, Remnant has added a fire selector that allows the wielder to bypass the safeguards that prevent the blaster pistol from overloading explosively. This can be used to allow the user to fire a small series of overcharged shots or if it is let set, will allow the user to use the gun itself as a small explosive device if timed right.

    The pistol can be outfitted with all sorts of add-ons, including cables to allow it to draw power from a suit of armor's cell instead of it's own, a scope, and even small blades for when battles get too personal and nasty.

    Best Friend .44 Semi-Auto Pistol

    Best Friend is almost literally that. Even though Remnant's The Standard is quite the capable pistol, there are some situations when energy weapons simply don't pack the punch of a solid projectile. The pistol itself is small and light, but it allows a large variety of specialized ammunition to be able to be used. It only holds a total of 9 rounds, but depending on the payload, those nine could be quite vicious to anyone on the receiving end, providing a useful secondary gun to most Remnants.

    Unlike The Standard, this pistol has few modifications that are capable of fitting to it, leaving mostly the options of a silencer and a scope for those especially keen of eye.

    Ripsaw Flechette Pistol:

    The Ripsaw looks more like a miniature Thompson Machine Gun made into pistol form than an actual pistol and provides terrifying close quarters firepower to those who are willing to risk using it. The ammo drum holds 32 "shells" that contain dozens of tiny razored slivers of Tungsten and propellant. The "flechettes" have only a short effective range of about 5 meters as they expand from the barrel quickly and lack the mass to go much further. Aside from that, they also lack penetrating power against more more than "light" armor. The gun itself is also quite prone to jamming due to the high rate of automatic fire that it is capable of giving.

    However, the rate of fire and short range makes it quite effective in tight quarters or against unarmored foes as it's capable of stripping the flesh off of a person quite easily.


    Ripsaw Shotcannon:

    The Ripsaw Shotcannon is the bigger, stronger, more badass version of the Ripsaw Flechette Pistol. It also carries 32 rounds in a drum magazine and is prone to the same issues of jamming and short range, but the payload of each shell is much larger and is capable of going twice as far.

    Because of this, it'll penetrate into many hard body armors, even if it will lack the firepower to completely tear through and is quite ineffective against heavier armors. It is best used when the wielder knows he or she or it is going against unarmored opponents.

    Rules for Recruitment:

    New Recruits:

    Hey guys, a little note about the future for Remnant. From now on, I'd appreciate it if you PM'd me before sending a PC there to join up. The reason for this is that it's getting extremely boring and monotonous to RP the same scene over and over, even with different people. That said, Remnant also won't be actively recruiting any more, except for the rare case(which should be PM'd to me so if it's a No, it's just assumed to happen offscreen).

    The big thing is, and I probably should have said this before, the more powerful the PC trying to join Remnant, the less likely they'll be willing to trust or hire them due to security issues and the increased likelihood of ulterior motives. But, to help people who are wanting to take part, here's a list of things I do and don't want.


    1: Scientists/Inventors/Artificers: Remnant is already riddled with them. Whether it's science or Magic, there's enough of them.

    2: High Powered Arcane Casters: There's going to be only a very low chance of high powered mages of joining. Part of this is due to such people being extremely hard to control, but also has to deal with how I seem to have a decent sized influx of them recently.

    3: Psionics. The reason for this one is mostly IC. Most of the higher up people in Remnant dislike them for what are likely obvious reasons, and would have a hard time accepting them into their ranks, even if Remnants are trained to resist such things to a degree. Security issues would be at unacceptable levels.

    4: Gods and Godlings. Kinda obvious, and while it hasn't been an issue so far, I figure I may as well explain why. Remnant is a place for mostly mortal (or "mortal") people. It's kind of the theme. Also, Security would likely be a pain when trying to think of counters for them as well since most Gods/Godlings tend to vary quite a bit, and those in charge of security would have to compensate for each one.

    That said, here's what I would be willing to let in provided the person checks out.

    1: Squad Leaders and Investigators. It may seem like a minor thing, but I'd actually like to have a few more PCs to help lead squads into combat, and preform investigations into complaints and reports of violence and other such things. It'd help quite a bit. The person can be a low/mid power spellcaster, high-tech user, or low-tech user. It'd all be useful there. I can't be on all the time, and if a couple more people did this, then they'd be greatly appreciate it.

    2: Administrative Personnel. It may seem like it's boring, but I could use a lot of these types. Anything from diplomats to Aides and Liaisons. A few investigative types could fit here as well.

    3: Lone Wolves. Figure this should have it's own portion apart from the Squad Leaders/Investigators. There are some things that squads can't handle and there's a need for a bit more subtlety. I could probably use one or two of these. They'll be watched somewhat closer than most others due to the nature of the PCs.

    As for Divine Casters, I'm neutral about those, as healers always tend to be nice. Those who can lead squads are even better. As long as the person isn't too powerful. They can even be the "preachy" type.

    As a bit of extra advice and warning, those with external ties are likely going to be heavily scrutinized and watched closely for their length of time there. Clerics have commitments to their gods, Magtoks are Magtok, and other similar things need to be considered.

    On Infiltrating Remnant:

    The most important thing, I want to be told before hand. It's best if we establish a few things before it even begins. The person's motives, his or her capabilities, and so on and so forth. This isn't something that I'll allow right out of the blue.

    Next, it's probably been noticed that I give out squads of NPCs to allow squad leaders to use whenever they need to. This won't be the case with anyone infiltrating Remnant as in the other cases, it's handwaved that they've had time to establish trust IC and have earned the squad. Infiltrators will have to RP this all out. They're there to spy, sabotage, and generally make things difficult, and I want to see that. That's the important part. There should be posts with the person being paranoid, the person sneaking around, the person trying to build up trust, and even trying to get messages out of the compound. Anything less, and it's not really an Infiltration, is it?

    Just joining Remnant doesn't give a person access to everything, or even most things. Different areas have different security clearance requirements. Most places will be off-limits to fresh recruits. Infiltrators will have to raise through the ranks, or do other things, to somehow gain access to tighter areas such as the Armoury, Motor Pool, and Comm Center.

    And finally, Security will likely be tighter than you expect. If an Infiltrator messes up, they mess up, and will likely be caught. Don't expect them to get away clean.

    That said, there shouldn't be metagaming on either side. By Remnant Personnel or the Infiltrator.
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