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    Reserved and Stuff.

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    Blessing List



    Thanks to Dragoon Wraith for the invocation list.
    1 Originally printed as a Warlock Invocation in Complete Arcane.
    2 Originally printed as a Warlock Invocation in Complete Mage.
    3 Originally printed as a Warlock Invocation in Dragon Magic.
    4 Originally printed as a Dragonfire Adept Invocation in Dragon Magic.
    N New Invocation described below.

    In addition to any "Blessing" found here, the Knight Eternal may select a spell from the Cleric spell list and use it as a Blessing.
    Minor: 1-2
    Blessing: 3-4
    Greater: 5-6
    Greatest: 7-9
    Where the number is the spell level of the cleric spell you wish to take.

    Minor Blessings
    • All-Seeing Eyes2 - As Comprehend Languages on written material, plus bonus on Search and Spot checks.
    • Aquatic Adaptation4 - Breathe underwater; gain swim speed.
    • Arcane Knowledge4 (as Draconic Knowledge) - Gain bonus on Knowledge and Spellcraft checks.
    • BlessN - Use Bless, Bless Water, or Divine Favor, as the spells.
    • Body AugmentationN - Use Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength, or Cat's Grace, as the spells.
    • Consecration N - Use Consecrate, as the spells.
    • Ebon Eyes1 (as Devil's Sight) - See normally in darkness and magical darkness.
    • Entropic Warding1 - Deflect incoming ranged attacks, leave no trail, and prevent being tracked by scent.
    • Faith HealingN - Use a Cure Light Wounds that is coupled with a Virtue and Resistance, as the spells.
    • ImbueN - Use Magic Stone, Magic Weapon, or Align Weapon, as the spells.
    • Leaps and Bounds1 - Gain bonus on Balance, Jump, and Tumble checks.
    • LorecallN - Use Balancing Lorecall or Listening Lorecall, as the spells.
    • Magic CoatingN - Use Grease or Sticky Floor, as the spells.
    • Magic Insight4 - Detect magical auras; identify magic items.
    • Make Your Own Luck1 (as Dark One's Own Luck) - Gain a luck bonus on one type of saves.
    • Mind AugmentationN - Use Eagle's Splendor, Fox's Cunning, or Owl's Wisdom, as the spell.
    • Mystic MissileN - Use Magic Missile, as the spell, and be able to launch a single missile as an immediate action once per round.
    • OmenN - Use Omen of Peril, as the spell, but without the need for a Focus.
    • OrisonN - Use any one Orison from the Cleric spell list.
    • PeaceN - Use Sanctuary, as the spell. Plus penalties if someone breaks through.
    • See the Unseen1, 4 - Gain See Invisibility, as the spell, and darkvision.
    • TranspositionN - Use Baleful Transposition, as the spell.
    • Words of Power, LeastN - Use Power Word: Fatigue, Power Word: Pain, or Power Word: Sicken, as the spells.

    • BlindesightN - Gain blindsight 60 feet, replaces normal vision.
    • Charm1, 4 - Cause a single creature to regard you as a friend.
    • Enthralling Voice4 - Make nearby creatures fascinated.
    • Faith Healing:N Use Cure Serious Wounds coupled with lesser restoration.
    • Falling DreamN - Use Illusory Pit, as the spell.
    • Flee the Scene1 - Use short-range Dimension Door as the spell, and leave behind a major image.
    • Flight4 (as Draconic Flight) - Sprout wings and fly at good maneuverability; fly longer overland.
    • Frightful Presence4 - Make nearby creatures shaken.
    • InsightN - Use Augury, as the spell.
    • Ignore the Pyre3 - Gain resistance equal to your Caster Level to Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire, or Sonic damage.
    • ArrowbaneN - Gain a +10 AC against ranged attacks, and +10 DR/untyped that only functions against ranged attacks (Any attack at a range greater then 30ft) Spells that do not require an attack roll are not included in this. Once this has prevented 1/4th the users HP in negated damage, the effect ends.
    • Relentless Dispelling2 - A targeted Dispel Magic, with additional targeted Dispel Magic the next turn.
    • Soul's Notice1, 4 - Gain the effects of Deathwatch, Speak with Dead, and a blindsense of 30ft.
    • Voracious Dispelling1, 4 - Use Dispel Magic as the spell, causing damage to creatures whose effects are dispelled.
    • Walk Unseen1, 4 - Use Invisibility (self only) as the spell.
    • Witchwood Step2 - Walk on water and move through some obstacles unimpeded.
    • Weighty Utterance3 - Flying target falls 5 ft. per Caster Level; takes falling damage if it hits a surface.

    Greater Blessings
    • Arcane Hide1 (as Draconic Toughness) - Gain temporary hit points equal to your caster level.
    • Baleful Geas1 - A single creature becomes your servant, but slowly sickens and dies.
    • CallingN - Use Sending as the spell.
    • Devour Magic4 - Use targeted Greater Dispel Magic with a touch and gain temporary hit points based on the level of spells successfully dispelled.
    • Request SoulN - Use Raise Dead, as the spell.
    • Nightmares Made Real2 - Create illusory terrain that damages foes and allows you to hide.
    • Painful Slumber of Ages2 - Creature falls asleep, takes damage when awakened.
    • Words of Power, GreaterN - Use Power Word: Disable, Power Word: Distract, or Power Word: Nauseate, as the spells.

    Greatest Blessings
    • Discorporation4 (as Dark Discorporation) - Gain many benefits of the Swarm subtype.
    • Flight, Greater4 (as Greater Draconic Flight) - Fly at perfect maneuverability; gain overland speed.
    • Impenetrable Barrier3 - Use Wall of Force, as the spell, but it is perfectly black and blocks line of sight.
    • Instill Vulnerability1 - Remove resistances and immunities.
    • Polyscient1 (as Dark Foresight) - Use Foresight as the spell, and communicate telepathically with a close target of the effect.
    • Master of PhysicsN - Use Telekinetic Sphere, as the spell.
    • Perilous Veil1 - Use Veil as the spell; anyone succeeding on the Will save to negate the illusion takes damage.
    • Retributive Invisibility1 - Use Greater Invisibility as the spell (self only) that deals damage in a burst if dispelled.
    • Spellcaster's BaneN - You may attempt to counterspell an opponent as an Immediate Action, as if casting Greater Dispel Magic.
    • Steal Summoning2 - Take control of another caster's summoned monster.
    • Word of Changing1 - Use Baleful Polymorph as the spell, but the effect could become permanent.
    • Words of Power, GreatestN - Use Power Word: Kill, Power Word: Petrify, or Power Word: Stun, as the spells.
    • Void MagicN - Use Antimagic Field at range, but only as long as you concentrate.

    New Minor Blessings
    (Ignore all invocations that are not listed above, just use as a reference if you want an invocation marked with "N")
    Body Augmentation
    Least; 2nd
    AAAAYou can use Bear's EndurancePHB, Bull's StrengthPHB, and Cat's GracePHB, as the spells. Only one may be active at a time; using another, even on a different target, causes the previous effect to be removed. Lasts for 24 hours, during which you can switch active enhancement.

    Least; 1st
    AAAAYou can use Balancing LorecallSC, and Listening LorecallSC, as the spells. Only one of these may be active on your person at a time; using it again replaces any previous uses. Lasts 24 hours.

    Magic Coating
    Least; 1st
    AAAAYou can use GreasePHB and Sticky FloorRotD, as the spells.

    Mind Augmentation
    Least; 2nd
    AAAAYou can use Eagle's SplendorPHB, Fox's CunningPHB, and Owl's WisdomPHB, as the spells. Only one may be active at a time; using another, even on a different target, causes the previous effect to be removed. Lasts for 24 hours, during which you can switch active enhancement.

    Mystic Missile
    Least; 1st
    AAAAYou can use Magic MissilePHB, as the spell. Additionally, you may fire a single missile, as from the spell, as an immediate action once per round.

    Least; 2nd
    AAAAYou can use Omen of PerilSC, as the spell, but you do not require any Focus with the invocation.

    Least; 2nd
    AAAAYou can use Baleful TranspositionSC, as the spell.

    Words of Power, Least
    Least; 3rd
    AAAAYou can use Power Word: FatigueRotD, Power Word: PainRotD, and Power Word: SickenRotD, as the spells.

    New Blessings


    Lesser; 4th
    AAAAYou gain a blindsight out to 60ft using means stated when you take this blessing. Replaces normal vision when active.

    Words of Power, Lesser
    Lesser; 4th
    AAAAYou can use Power Word: DeafenRotD, Power Word: MaladroitRotD, and Power Word: WeakenRotD, as the spells.

    New Greater Blessings
    Greater; 5th
    AAAAYou can use Sending, as the spell.

    Falling Dream
    Greater; 6th
    AAAAYou can use Illusory PitSC, as the spell, but it lasts only as long as you concentrate.

    Words of Power, Greater
    Greater; 6th
    AAAAYou can use Power Word: DisableRotD, Power Word: DistractRotD, and Power Word: NauseateRotD, as the spells.

    New Greatest Blessings

    Master of Physics
    Greatest; 8th
    AAAAYou can use Telekinetic Sphere, as the spell, except that you must always be within the sphere, and the sphere can only move you with respect to other objects within the sphere. Effectively, it needs to be touching something solid in order to maintain its height, and will otherwise fall, so it can only lift you into the air a distance equal to its own diameter. It can, however, move upwards with you if you have other means of flight, in which case it can move relative to you and more things with respect to you; you are, essentially, the solid surface against which everything else is being moved.

    Spellcaster's Bane
    Greatest; 7th
    AAAAYou may attempt to counterspell a spellcaster as an Immediate Action, as if you had cast Greater Dispel Magic. The spellcaster gains a +2 bonus on his opposed Caster Level check for every consecutive round you have successfully counterspelled him; this bonus reverts to +0 if you fail to counterspell him (either because you did not try or because he succeeded on the check).

    Words of Power, Greatest
    Greatest; 9th
    AAAAYou can use Power Word: KillPHB, Power Word: PetrifyRotD, and Power Word: StunPHB, as the spells.

    Void Magic
    Greatest; 9th
    AAAAYou can use Antimagic Field, but with a Range of Close (25 ft. + 5 ft. per two caster levels), and with a Duration of Concentration.
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