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    Default Re: Ravnica: City of Guilds [Under Construction!] [Base Classes; D&D 3.5]

    ....maximum number of Statutes the Azorius Logistician may have constructed is equal to his Wisdom modifier - 10.
    Um... Really? Is that a typo?

    Awesome concept here, by the way, and the classes look really good on the whole. Only other thigns that springs to mind is that the Logistican doesn't really have anything to do with logistics - perhaps Azorius Arbiter or Azorius Lawmaker would be a better fit?

    Also, you're doing them in the wrong order. The correct order is:
    Simic -> Izzet -> Dimir -> Golgari -> Boros -> Selsenya -> Azorius -> Orzhov -> Rakdos -> Gruul. This is the scientifically established correct priority order for the guilds, and has nothing whatsoever to do with my personal preferences - in fact, you doing it the categorically wrong way is nothing less than a mortal sin and an insult to every thinking, logical person in the world.
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    Well, strangely enough a faction with Reputation 0 and history of past betrayals proved itself to be rather untrustworthy. My hat is off for the Mothriders.

    Damn, about 29 stats in one swipe. Since I'm clearly the next I'm booby-trapping every inch of the Maze.