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Um... Really? Is that a typo?

Yes. It is. Thanks for the catch!

Awesome concept here, by the way, and the classes look really good on the whole.
I'm doing my best. Azorius and Dimir were both challenges, and I still need to work out proper mechanics for what Lord of Secrets does, but they were fun to design. I would definitely appreciate some more feedback on either of those classes. Azorius is one I'm particularly proud of, and Dimir I'm worried is too effective.

Golgari Graveborne is going to be an interesting one, and I'm having trouble coming up with a unique subsystem to give it. Which is not to say that I want to give all of the classes its own unique subsystem, but I don't want to give them all vancian casting either. I'm planning on making the Graveborne a super-resilient tank-type class with recycling and rebirth themes, but I think I want this one to have an interesting subsystem.

Each base class is going to have some representation of the house's unique keyword (Dredge for Golgari).