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    Default Re: Ravnica: City of Guilds [Under Construction!] [Base Classes; D&D 3.5]

    No useful feedback so far, but I am really liking this.

    Actually, one comment: You are linking your color alignments to Lord Gareth's post. Based on his system however, Boros should be White-Red, not Red-White, considering how the ideology of the Boros Legion is presented in the Ravnica block. This also would fit your "non-chaotic" restriction better, as "primary red, secondary white" tends towards chaotic, "primary white, secondary red" towards lawful.

    EDIT: re: Transmute Self, Dimir
    Polymorph effects don't really seem to fit the Dimir flavor particularly well. It tastes more like Simic to me. Dimir is far more about deception and subterfuge than transformation, so I would remove the polymorph and add an illusion ability instead.
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