Peaches, you say?

Exotic Sword - Took me a while to figure out at what levels the sword gains new traits, especially since the table entries simply say "Exotic Sword". Referencing the table should not be required to understand the class. I suggest you explain it in words as well.
Also, how long does it take to create/recreate the sword? Are we talking about something measured in actions (summoning it again), or days/weeks (reforging it)?
"if you turn against your deity you loose your sword" - I think you mean "lose". Loosening it is something you do before battle.

Blessings. I assume the 1-2-3-4 columns in the table refer to Minor Blessings, Blessings, Greater Blessings and Greatest Blessings, respectively?
"Blessings function as Invocations however at any time they may sacrifice a Smite Evil attempt in order to manifest the blessing without any components" - Invocations are "used", they are not manifested.
Also, invocations do not have slots. Do you mean that you could, for example, learn a Minor Blessing in place of a Blessing?
Invocations suffer arcane spell failure. Is this intentional?
I have not gone over the invocations themselves yet.

Smite Evil - the ability description does not mention how many times per day it can be used. The table entry reads "Smite Evil 1+Int/day", without specifying whether you are referring to the intelligence modifier or the intelligence score. It is not immediately obvious that you gain more uses of smite/day as you level.

Divine Form. "though even in an Antimagic field one the time limit runs out" - this sentence looks off. Should that be "once"?
"Usable once per day." - this would be better as "This ability is usable once per day.", or at least as a sentence.
"Divine Form grants the user the same, but +20 more Fly speed," - the same as what? As Lesser Divine Form, I assume? Also, speeds are generally "increased", rather than given "more" of.
"Your size increases to Large, or simply by +1 category." - which one is it?
"Lesser Divine Form is now at will, or always active." - again, which is it?
"You gain a Spell Resistance equal to your class levels" - this is really bad spell resistance. You may want to add something like 10 to that number.

Improved Mettle. This heading is not bolded, as the others are.

Pretty good, so far.