You know something? I agree entirely. I think (I can't even remember for sure right now) that I wanted to make one attack of each type (Damage and Daze) Fortitude and Reflex, and acid made much more sense as Fortitude than fire did (though they both make more sense as Reflex). Along that same vein, the Shocking Touch ability makes much more sense as Fortitude than as Reflex. I'll switch it so that both damage abilities are Reflex and both Daze abilities are Fortitude. That doesn't even strike me as weird in any way because that's both more balanced (status effects are more dangerous than direct damage, and Fortitude saves are generally easier to make) and more in line with existing effects (most direct damage effects are against Reflex, whereas most status effects are against Fortitude).

Thanks for the help!

OK, I've done the above, and updated the class with Acid and Electricity variants. I've split each variant into a different write-up, so that it's much easier to read. Any comments would be appreciated, especially relating to wording and (relative) balance.