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Thread: Request a Homebrew: Thread 2!

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    Eternal Champion

    Prerequisites: Strike of Righteous Vitality, complete obsession with a cause

    21st: Awareness of The Cause

    You are always aware of where your cause is in need, regardless of distance, even on other planes. This knowledge does not distract you or drive you mad (well, no madder than you already are). You don't know all the details, but where and how severe.

    24th: Presence of The Cause

    Wherever the struggle continues, there you are. You may teleport or plane shift at will to a place where your help is needed in fighting for The Cause.

    27th: Assistance to The Cause

    Whenever someone else fighting for The Cause calls out for help, you may offer yours. If they allow it, you may possess their body for up to five minutes. You use their physical abilities but the better of their and your skills, feats, maneuvers, or class abilities. You may only possess one person at a time this way. It does not effect your ability to act in your own body simultaneously.

    30th: Widespread Assistance to The Cause

    By placing your physical body into a deep trance, you may possess up to 9 willing champions as in Assistance to The Cause. No two possessees may be within 10 miles of eachother.


    When your physical body gives out, you may remain in the trance, always aware of the need, flitting from champion to champion, giving aid where needed, until The Cause is victorious at last.
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