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Your way over thinking this.
And if you want anyone to actually use this homebrew, & not point to it as an example of why nobody should be allowed to use homebrew, then you are under-thinking this. You wrote it, now you have to back it up or fix it. I'm just pointing out a glaring flaw.

Here's a build for a bog-standard fighter, aiming to be an archer. He's human, with no flaws, no real optimization, & only using Core material:

1|Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot
2|Far Shot
6|Manyshot, Shot on the Run
8|Improved Critical
9|Combat Reflexes
10|Improved Initiative
11|Improved Precise Shot
12|Quick Draw, Weapon Focus
14|Weapon Specialization
15|Greater Weapon Focus
16|Greater Weapon Specialization
18|Skill Focus, Stealthy
20|Lightning Reflexes

Did you notice how, with the exception of Improved Precise Shot, I ran out of archery-related feats at 6th level, & had to take things that were only tangentially related to being a better archer? Did you see that? Well, take a look at a fighter with all of the same parameters, except using your FIAC at first level:

1|Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot|Rapid Shot
3|Improved Initiative, Mobility|
5|Combat Reflexes|Far Shot
6|Weapon Focus|
7|Weapon Specialization|
9|Improved Critical, Greater Weapon Focus|Manyshot
11|Quick Draw|
12|Greater Weapon Specialization|
13|Skill Focus|Shot on the Run
15|Lightning Reflexes, Stealthy|
17|Rapid Reload|Improved Precise Shot
18|Spring Attack|
19|Iron Will|

Notice how I didn't get most of my archery-related feat until way later? Why did I wait? Because if I didn't wait, then my FIAC class feature would've been wasted, & I'd get no feats from it later. So I ended up with a diluted build full of feats that are largely unrelated to what I set out to do. I took your dip class to become an archer, & I ended up being less of an archer because of it.

And it works the same way with any other combat style offered by your class (archery was merely chosen because it was first, & it has the most related feats in Core). The FIAC does offer 3 feats for a single-level dip (well, it actually offers 4, but I get the last one at 17th level, & taking this class dip costs a fighter his 20th-level bonus feat), but I have to take the build-related feats far later than I would normally otherwise, which goes against all logic. Outside of Core, I could possibly do better, but most related feats have higher prerequisites, so I'd have to wait to take those anyway.

No matter what, I'm missing out by taking your dip class. And you never gave it skills or starting gold, so I'd have to fudge that myself to even get this far. I may be over-thinking it, but the alternative is obviously bad homebrew, so I'll take that label.