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    Default Re: A Better Druid for a Better World (PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by gkathellar View Post
    I know it's not traditional, but it seems like they should get a more general simple weapon proficiency. If you want to keep the silly "scimitars 'cause they are curved like the moooooon!" that's fine, though.
    Hmm... good point. I'll look into this.

    Emphasis mine. Change to "uses," as otherwise the druid can't help carry loot and is vulnerable to someone stuffing a shield in his pack.
    Good catch, thanks.

    Cool, this actually makes druids the preeminent experts of the wilds now. I'm in favor of that.
    Glad you like it.

    Make this Wisdom-based. It always should have been no druid is going to focus on Charisma just for Wild Empathy to be useful, so unless you make it Wisdom-based the ability basically doesn't exist.
    Doy! Good idea.

    On the one hand, yes. On the other hand, I'm uncertain about losing your magic items now that druids have fewer spells known. The benefits of these forms don't keep up with the comparable benefits of magic items, especially defensively. This encourages buff-heavy melee druids to invest all their wealth into their flanking buddy, and casting-focused druids to avoid Shapeshifting altogether.
    Hmm-- I forgot that wildshape items don't traditionally work with Shapeshift. I'll make a note about it, and copy over some new such items from my Beastman class.

    All okay. I feel like they should get thrown some upgrades or more bonus feats to keep them halfway relevant at higher levels otherwise they just get completely outmoded.
    I already boosted them a bit from the original, but I'll see what I can do.

    This is missing its natural armor bonus. Same point as above.

    I know, it's a really 'meh' ability, but it's something that a druid really should be able to do.

    Interesting. Now this ability is actually good, if still highly situational. I'd say you should expand it to include elementals, animals and vermin.
    Good call.

    Ah. That is interesting. Still Tier 2 despite this, and lower on Tier 2 than the traditional Sorcerer or Favored Soul.
    Thanks. I figured that the druid list doesn't contain many really break-the-game spells, so I might as well let them have access to cool stuff like awaken that nobody would take as one of your very few spells known.

    Quite strong, but not exactly out of line. Is this intended to stack with Resist Nature's Lure?

    Years ago, I read this ability and has this sudden revelation about how D&D spellcasters are capable of completely destroying a civilization without any real effort. Fond memories.

    As to the actual ability, pretty much okay as usual.
    Haha, never thought about that, but it is pretty true, isn't it?

    Timeless Body is not a real ability, so I sort of feel like something else should come in at 15th level. Maybe some kind of parallel to Resist Nature's Lure that works against specifically unnatural forces (undead, aberrations, oozes, etc.) ... Resist the Uncanny?
    Hmmm... a nice thought, though it should be noted that you also gain access to 8th level spells, so it's not that dead a level.

    Yeah, another vote for Resist the Uncanny or some equivalent, since this replaces Command of Self entirely. This is quite strong, but you're at Tier 2 and you're gonna stay there, so I'm not worried.
    This was actually in there first, and I added Command so that it didn't come completely out of nowhere.

    Nice. Good pseudo-capstone.
    Sweet. Good capstone for a spellcaster.

    No share spell? That is interesting, and weakens the companion noticeably.
    That was the goal. No more two-for-one buffing.

    Bear in mind that for a spontaneous caster like the new druid, there's the additional penalty of casting time here.
    True, and I suppose that there's also not all that much penalty for turning human again... maybe drop it down to +1 level?

    Not great, but sure.
    Yeah, it was one of those "don't know if anyone would actually take it, but it's the kind of thing that a feat should exist for" things.

    Overall, a good rework, hitting low Tier 2. I'm a little nervous about the effectiveness of Shapeshifting (or lack thereof), but this is solid.
    Thanks! It's worth remembering that since Shapeshifting is a swift action, the druid can throw on a buff or two before wading into combat. And since it's an at-will ability, on top of ninth level casting... I dunno, don't want to make it too strong.

    UPDATE: Decided to keep scimitar proficiency, as it's kind of iconic, but added bows, since they're hunting weapons. Added anti-unnatural foes abilities to 2nd and 15th level, since Woodland stride (which now gets a very slight utility boost) and Timeless Body are so bland.
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