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    Default Re: Mastering the Elements [3.5, Invocations]

    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletmanalive View Post
    Sandstorm Blast is too powerful for a Lesser: it's at least a Greater invocation. It just outclasses everything at its current level and some of the Greater ones.
    I was erring on the side of powerful with Sandstorm blast, as I am largely of the opinion that most of the other eldritch essences- particularly the lesser ones- are awful. Baneful? Hellrime? Brimstone? Ugh.
    I could see dropping it to 1 constitution damage though, which would make it rather more comparable with the Wounding weapon ability (though Sandstorm blast would have a save).

    Shield of the Depths i'm not sure about. I'd say it was lesser if you just restored it as a Standard action [like other, similar Invocations]. I'm never sure about fast healing as a feature: it's often barely worth it.
    Draconic Toughness, the similar invocation in question, is in fact a Greater Invocation, and got a pretty good rating in the Dragonfire Adept guide. Admittedly, I found that a little puzzling, hence my addition.

    Sing the Winds seems a little excessive for even a Dark power. If it were a normal Control Weather it would probably be fine. Not that there's all that much you can do with it, in combat at least.
    I might have gone a little overboard with it, but I do think it is a good idea to give it a range (it's not as good to be able to make a tornado if you practically wind up inside it), and limiting its effects by season makes it a lot less useful (in autumn, for example... well, it kind loses most of its potential).

    Raising its casting time back up to 10 minutes might not be a bad call though, as well as giving it a more clear range than anything you can see (to prevent tossing a tornado on someone with a scrying spell or some such, for example).

    On Water Blast, yeah, probably needs a niftier name. I'm not sold on Hydraulic blast though... I didn't think to put in a clause about putting out fires, because... well, it creates water. Kinda seemed intuitive to me, but then, this is D&D and intuition is not to be relied on.

    All the rest look fine. I like Ward Torch especially.
    Heh, thanks. I wanted to make a fire invocation that wasn't just 'it deals damage,' like so many fire effects are, and for some reason I kept thinking of Dancing Lights... and then Ward Torch! I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out as well, but I think my favorite is either Wind Force or Work the Waters.
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