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    Default Re: Mastering the Elements [3.5, Invocations]

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernir View Post
    Master of Earth and Stone: At-will Wall of Stone is going to build castles. Like, lots of them. Is that OK with you?
    Part of my interest in making Master of Earth and Stone and Sing the Winds is that Warlocks really don't get a lot of stuff with big effects. Your wizard and sorcerer can reshape the world, but the best the warlock can do is zap someone a bit harder? Even if they're not meant to be (or should be) on the same power level, it's a bit of a downer.

    So, yeah, that's a lot of castles, but if you have a warlock that level, and you want to be able to do stuff like that? I think you should be able to.

    One with Earth: 30' tremorsense and a burrowing speed is a bit much for a lesser invocation. Tremorsense is a bit worse than the blindsense you can get already, but a burrow speed is very good. Not sure if it's worth a greater one, though. =/
    I did have some reservations about that myself. Largely my reasoning for putting them in the same invocation was "well, you know, it's nice to be able to see where you are going." Think knocking the range of tremorsense down a few notches would help? Maybe to 15 or 10 feet?

    Storm Blast: Just a fluff thing - why does Storm Blast paralyze someone? Do storms do that?
    It's the best way I could think of to represent muscle spasms and loss of motor control due to electricity. It's like a taser!

    Work the water: does the water still flow to fill whatever container (or not) it is placed in, or does the cubic foot of water remain a cube even if you just place it on the kitchen table?
    The latter, which I tried to emphasize with the last clauses of Move Water and Manipulate Water. Does it need to be clearer, you think?
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