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I love this class. It allows my favorite character concept (a fighter who has obtained martial skill by sheer intelligence) to function well in a 3.5 game. I've bookmarked this for future use.
That's one of my favorite character concepts as well, so I'm happy to provide support for such a character. The thing that's nice about the Expert as presented here is that it doesn't require you to play as a genius, and it doesn't punish you should you choose not to.

Is this intended to be compatible with your Warrior's Way material that you made a while back (which I make use of frequently, by the way)? Specifically, I'm thinking of a few of the feats you made here - notably Calculating Combatant, Genius Maneuvers, Loreblade Master, and Martial Mastermind. Those, in combination with this, seem to be very strong.
Really, nothing I write is strictly intended to be compatible with Warrior's Way material, but the Calculating Combatant feat chain would be just fine, and appropriate, with this class, and Expert should play nicely with Warlords and Sohei. I'm glad to hear that you use the Warrior's Way often! I never get to hear such things.