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Nah, that just ruins the sorcerer's last big attraction: spontaneous casting. I know that people consider the wizard to still be better, but for people like me, who just hate the bookwork involved with prepared casting, sorcerer will always be king.

Wizards are supposed to be masters of versatility, and I increased that for the archmage, so I'm happy about that.

Though to be honest, an arcane spirit shaman would be interesting to see.
For what it's worth, I agree with you on the whole preparing-spells-is-no-fun thing. You may have noticed that I've not turned out a single homebrew class with prepared casting, even with my wizard and cleric revisions.

It has more day-to-day versatility than the normal wizard, thanks to being able to access all arcane spell lists, but during any individual day it's not all that much more versatile.

I tried an arcane spirit shaman class years ago; I found it and posted it here, and the basic mechanic was judged 'irredeemably broken.' You might be able to do spirit-shaman-casting from a spellbook, though.