I'm running a game and my players have the opportunity to buy the belongings of a mysterious mage/magician/hypnotist, so I need a bunch of interesting magic trinkets. I dug up a list of trinkets I once made that an evil mage had collected, to give you an idea of the sort of stuff I need, only the idea with this mage would be that he made the items himself. Mostly as experimentation, but also for magic tricks and such.

The list:
Constrictor Rope
Enchanted rope. It tries to constrict the most nearby living person and doesnít let go. It acts somewhat like a snake. They are only meant for emergencies and stop working after two days.
Hive Shell
Magical conch. Can be used as a communications device. Basically itís a system that works like walkie talkies, only the shells will wait to speak until you put your ear to them, and will pulse red until you do.
A small, gleaming metal porcupine figure that is extremely sharp and never goes blunt.
A small metal dragon. If you press itís tail, it spits a small blue flame.
A jar of gooey salve with small eyeballs in it. It heals all wounds, but it doesnít grow anything back.
A pair of black stone dice that always roll a one and a six.
Predator Tooth
A large tooth with a canal running through. Thereís still enough of whatever venom the creature used to paralyse one person and make them appear dead, stopping their heartbeat and breathing. This effect lasts about an hour.
A tiny metal chest with a key. Itís padded on the inside, and enchanted so it canít be opened in any other way than with the key.
Jar of Ink
It seems like perfectly normal ink, but when used, it takes a 12 hours to appear.
A small notebook bound in black leather. Once the letters on a page are read, the page combusts.
Origami Bird
The bird is made of paper that can be folded infinitely (yet wonít get so thick as to reach the moonÖ)
Whalebone Pipe
Beautifully carved in the shape of a ship. It doesnít come with tobacco, but should you smoke any in it near the waterfront, it can summon a sunken ship.
Terracotta Flask
A small earthen flask which fills itself each day with cow urine.
Glass Eye
When put in water, it points north.
Purifying Ring
A regularlooking copper ring that purifies any water that passes through it. Wearing this ring is a bad idea, since itíll turn your blood into water.
Stranglerís Amulet
It looks pretty much like a regular metal amulet depicting a lionís head, and it is, but the ropeís enchanted. As soon as someone puts this on, the rope will start shrinking uncontrollably, probably choking itís victim. The actual amulet is just a piece of metal.
A roughly carved wooden birdwhistle that attracts any nearby birds.
Alligator Egg
Enchanted egg that preserves the baby alligator until heat is added. Unless the egg is broken first, of course.
Box of Shadowdust
A small black box with a tied down lid. Inside is a greyish powder that screams non-stop when it comes in contact with sunlight.
Leatherish Stick
This is a piece of wood wrapped in the skin of an exotic animal with fluorescent skin. If itís absorbed sunlight it gives off a fair amount of light for a while. Of course, you canít put it out like a torch, and it gives no warning before extinguishing. The end where youíre supposed to hold it isnít wrapped in the skin.
Silver Spoon
An old, filthy silver spoon. This was once used to poison a king, the trick being that not the food, but the spoon was poisoned. It wasnít washed since and hence still has, besides some of the kingís dried blood, also some deadly poison on it.
A small copper bell that seems to be in order, but doesnít make any sound.
Piece of Amber
This is a huge, bizarre looking mosquito encased in amber. This particular mosquito has an effect on other mosquitos such as it scares them away.
A small handmirror, framed with twisted wire. The mirror is part of a pair and shows what the other part sees, in this case the barren hold of a sunk ship and some algea.
A small and rusty pocketwatch, which is ridiculously hard to open. Thereís no reward inside either, just an engraving saying ďTime marches onĒ on one side, and a clock thatís standing still on the other side. Okay, so itís not really standing still, itís actually moving so slowly you canít see it move, counting downÖ to something.
Shrunken Head
This item has no useful functions whatsoever. Itís just a collectable.

Just for reference's sake, this campaign is D&D, but the items from the list are from a freeform game. Also, since they are buying the entire list of items the mage left behind when he moved, this could also include larger items like furniture.