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    Default OOTS in the Media

    This thread is for the collection of mentions of OOTS, GITP, and me personally in media sources, especially as a result of the Kickstarter drive. If you find an article that hasn't been listed yet, post it here. Try to avoid sites that are just reposting material from elsewhere, or personal blogs (unless that blog is a Big Deal), but feel free to list anything older, too.

    I'll edit in the best ones back to this post and we should end up with a nice list.

    Interviews with Rich Burlew:
    Comics Alliance (2/7/2012)
    GeekAdemia podcast (2/11/2012)
    Kickstarter Blog (2/20/20120)
    Washington Post: Comic Riffs (2/21/2012)
    Singularity Hub (3/6/2012)

    Articles About the OOTS Kickstarter Drive:
    The Beat (1/29/2012) (2/18/2012) (2/19/2012) (2/21/2012)
    Comics Alliance (1/31/2012)
    Publisher's Weekly (2/10/2012) (2/21/2012) (2/27/2012)
    Digital Spy UK (2/19/2012) (2/21/2012)
    e-books report (2/13/2012 [German]
    Forbes (2/20/2012)
    Venture Beat (2/20/2012)
    The Guardian (2/22/2012)
    The Globe and Mail (2/22/2012)
    Comic Report (2/22/2010) [German]
    Volkskrant (2/23/2012) [Dutch]
    Kickstarter Blog (2/24/2012) (3/29/2012)
    Crain's New York Business (2/26/2012)
    The Marker (date unknown) [Israeli]
    Boing Boing (3/13/2012)
    Tor Blog (3/19/2012) (4/11/2012)
    MTV Geek (4/19/2012)
    New York Times (4/30/2012)
    Wired (7/26/2012)
    Bloomberg Businessweek (8/17/2012)
    CNBC (8/20/2012)
    CNN Money (12/18/2012) (12/18/2012)
    Buisness Insider (7/17/2013)

    Webcomic Overlook (6/4/2008)
    Time (11/25/2008)
    Black Gate Magazine (1/22/2012)
    Geek Nights (3/14/2012)
    Non-Productive (2/13/2012) (10/6/2012)
    Comics Alliance (1/9/14)

    PC Magazine (Best Webcomics 2015) (2/14/2015)
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