Rich, to echo some of the comments on the Kickstarter blog, you really did everything right here, you nailed it. I haven't looked in on too many other kickstarter projects, but the ones I've looked at seem fairly static... "Here's our project, here's some rewards. Thanks for pledging." The way you kept the ball rolling, with new and varied rewards, mystery goals, even the entertaining updates and graphs, that's something other project organizers should take note of. The demands that must have been placed on you trying to keep up with comments and emails while trying to arrange new rewards and still produce the webcomic had to have been staggering. Yet throughout it all you never once came across (in my opinion) as "a guy asking for money". You came across as a grateful professional who was busting his ass to reward and entertain his fans and backers.

of course, this is your business, so reap those rewards sir. You deserve it.

Oh and as a suggestion, later in the year when you do another strip-a-day sprint... just save some up ahead of time and don't tell anyone. We'll never know the difference.

Oh and next time... animated gifs.