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    Once in a lazy DMing mood I literally parachute-dropped a crate of random stuff on the party. I can't remember even nearly all of them, but here are some of those I remember.

    Miniature Golem: A really small golem, similar in appearance to an action figure. It would perform any single-word command to its best ability (which, frankly, isn't very well).
    Orb of Discovered Talents: A small glass orb with swirling, colored smoke on the inside. Every day, it would grant its carrier a +2 bonus to a random ability and change color.
    Hand Cannon: A bulky metal gauntlet that could cast Fireball a couple times per day at minimum range (so that the edge of the affected area was right in front of the caster) with a powerful recoil that sent the user back a couple dozen feet.
    "Chameleon Hat": Nickname given by the players. A pointy witch's hat, which grows the wearer's tongue to a length of 10 feet (can be rolled up). It was given to the party Cleric, who used his tongue to channel touch spells and confuse the common people.
    Woodchuck's Chuckable Chucker: A typical hatchet, which on command would fly around and start hacking on the closest wooden item.

    Argh, I think there were a couple good ones but I can't remember those.

    Also, I once gave the players limited Bags of Holding that would only carry normal money, to fix the usual logistics problems that arise with huge amounts of cash.
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