Carmine Roderick Spence
Alias: None that has stuck or Carmine has taken a liking to. Sometimes he is called the Storyteller but that is more a job title.
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human, though his family history is little bit shady on how true that is or not
Age: 38

Alignment: Neutral. He ain’t more prone to helping folks then hurting them. He ain’t no questing knight however and will leave town if things get to hot for him. Bottom line is if he doesn’t need to cause someone trouble then he won’t.

Class/Profession: Some call him a wizard others call him a sorcerer; those are usually the nicer terms. Carmine prefers the term magician when it comes to magic but in his mind that is secondary. First and foremost he is a storyteller and a collector seeing as he travels about collecting tales and sometimes making his own along the way.

Power Rating: Rank C (level 6-7). Carmine has the magic in his blood but takes it for granted. He ain’t fond of using his magic to do anything too showy and prefers subtlety. This rule thumb keeps a pretty tight hold on what he is willing to throw his magic at. He has been travelling for a while however and has picked up a few tricks of the adventuring trade along the way. He knows how to pick a lock and sometimes a pocket. All and all the only thing that marks him as anything special is his blood.

Description: Carmine himself is not the most awe inspiring person you could meet along the way, unlike his father. He stands at about 6’2” and is fairly thin but his body has been toned from his traveling. His face seems canny as if something going on in the back of that head of his, color of his eyes are light green like a summer leaf. Straight shoulder length brown hair compliment his slightly unshaven appearance that act as signs of being on the road. On his right shoulder he has a tattoo that is rarely seen, it shows a queen of spades with woman being his wife Celina.

Personality: Carmine can be described in one word by his friends and enemies as lucky; he prefers to call himself canny. Carmine mainly likes to know what he is getting into at all times, never steps into a situation without first understanding as much as he can about it. He is patient, observant, and personable because that is what is you need to be both a storyteller and an adventurer, well to be a good one at least.

Equipment: His main get up is that of a trench coat, wide rimmed hat, sturdy boots, rugged brown pants and a shirt with a black vest on top of it. This is usually why he gets called “cowboy” and at worst challenged to impromptu gunfights. He has a pack with him that holds his travelling gear and some gambling gear also, mainly loaded dice and marked cards. He has a few trinkets in his pockets that are said to be lucky; the most notable is a silver dollar which he fiddles with while thinking, he never lost a coin toss with that coin. His most prized possession is a dark leather book that he bound himself that holds the stories of his family and some other tales that he has gathered over the years.

Abilities: Carmine brings 2 things to the table anytime things get tough, magic and skill. Carmine uses his magic to change a bad scene into something in his favor. A gun jamming, moving a root slightly so someone trips on it, making it seem as if one object is another are some of his tricks. He doesn’t like to use his magic in anything too grand, as of this point he hasn’t had the need. Carmine also comes from a long line of adventurers all of which passed down tricks of the trade onto him. Whenever Carmine is in pinch there is always some story to give him an idea of what to do. He has also been on the road for a good while and figured out a few tricks on his own, sometimes a little bit later then he wished.

Backstory: Carmine Rodric Spence was born into a line of great adventurers. All the time since he was a kid he was hearing about his grandfather and his father before him, every family member had a story to tell. His father was everything an adventurer was supposed to be. The man looked the part of a god and sometimes it was hard to say he wasn’t. A strong swordsmen, adept with magic, quick on his feet, and could charm a bloody mountain to move with the way he talked. Carmine didn’t see too much of him however, his dad was always getting messages that took him away from home. Carmine never grew resentful, there was food on the table and whenever he was around there was a new story to be heard. Trouble is that the better you become at something the more people are gunning for you.

Carmine at the age of 12 was sent around the family tree to what some would call apprentice with other family members. All of the Spence family put a piece of what they knew into him. At the age of 18 he came back to a burnt down husk of a house with different tales about how and when it happened. All Carmine cared about was whether his family was ok. The fire was very large and when the report came back no one was found in the burned wreckage. The only thing that was saved was a metal box that seemed unharmed from the fire. To Carmine’s surprise it held all of the writings of his family, a good sum of money from his great great grandfather’s defeat of a dragon, and a coat that had belonged to his great grandfather. This to him was a message that his ma and pa were all right, they just had to go. Carmine used some of the money to buy his travelling gear, pocketed some of it and the rest he gave to the town. The next morning with the sunrise Carmine was on the road with his great grandfather watching his back and his family in his blood. And thus another Spence adventurer was born.

Miscellaneous: Carmine does not appreciate being called a cowboy; the only thing he shares with them is a similar wardrobe in his mind.