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    Copi Kate

    Copi. Not “Kate,” that’s someone else.

    Gender: Female mentality.

    Race/Species: Clockwork doll?

    Age: 18/ less than a month (?)

    Alignment: broken? good

    Insane. That totally makes sense in this slot.

    Power Rating: Idk. Needs to solidify.

    An averagely-proportioned doll with clear blue eyes (that look creepy if you get them at the wrong angle) and a frilly blue dress and long, forest green hair.

    ((This is out of date))

    She has the same basic character traits as Kate Kyland, but is completely nuts and has a number of mental problems stemming from sensory deprivation.

    Equipment: The key with which she must be wound. It’s not really special; a copy could be made easily enough.

    Psychic powers. Can only move if wound, a full wind lets her move for 25 hours. Genre savvy. Frighteningly intelligent. Also, insane.

    Backstory: She was a copy of Kate Kyland made by the entity known as Libra. When Libra died, she was left in the void… with no sensory input whatsoever. The chances of her stabilizing like this were all but nonexistent. She did, anyway.
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