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    Default Re: Mirrodin's "perfection" was a portent of its future downfall (3.5 Template, PEACH

    I've came up with these. Please, tell me what you think!

    EDIT: I've also added "Reinforced Skin" to the template.
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    Metal Perfection - a template for creatures born on Mirrodin.
    True Ferocity - a simple fix for Orcs and Half-Orcs.
    Monastic Magus - a spiritual successor to the Unarmed Swordsage.
    Pathfinder-ish Synthesist - a simple fix making Synthesist Summoners follow polymorph rules.
    Sword & Sorcery for Sneaky Scoundrels - rogue archetypes/fixes that aim to turn the rogue into a warrior/caster.