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The following Snippet has been spruced up from my memories of a game I played years ago. Enjoy.

The third round of Kokage's tournament was underway; the last match would be between Shichirou and Sah Mi. Shichirou had been unable to observe his opponent in the previous rounds; the Immaculate had kept him too busy. He still hadn't fully healed from that fight, either; his lungs still felt as though they were burning.

Shichirou first stripped to the waist, then gulped some water. The Flaming Arena was packed, and Kokage seemed pleased. As the Solar stepped into the ring, he saw Sah Mi do the same. His opponent was dark-skinned and as rugged as stone. Shichirou bowed, and Sah Mi returned his gesture. The bronze-skinned god stood, and with his proclamation, the match began.


Shichirou surged forward, charging his opponent, throwing three punches. Two landed, but Sah Mi did not flinch; Shichirou observed with bemusement that the stony floor of the arena seemed to show some damage. Rather than retaliate, though, Sah Mi dropped prone, touching his forehead to the floor, before chunks of the rock rose up to cover his body completely.

"Interesting tactic," Shichirou said, and then laced his fingers together and hammered at Sah Mi's back. The force of his blow once more rippled down the foe's body and cracked the floor. Sah Mi stood, and grabbed Shichirou in a stony bear-hug. The brawler attempted to stand his ground, but his foe now towered over him, and so Shichirou was lifted off his feet.

"Patient Rockslide taught me well." Sah Mi began to squeeze the struggling Shichirou with his monstrous arms. His grip was stronger than a vice; the stone itself was actually crumbling from the force. Shichirou's breath left him, but he was not injured; his moment of invulnerability over, his caste mark began to shine on his forehead.

The Dawn Caste continued to struggle against Sah Mi; finally he slipped free of his foe's embrace and fell to the floor. He unleashed another series of rapid-fire blows at the earthen-armored man, channeling the pain in his hands to fuel a fierce, bellowing kiai. Sah Mi shrugged off the blows and lifted Shichirou again, pinned the brawler's arms to his sides, and squeezed harder.

Shichirou's caste mark burned brighter as Sah Mi squeezed; his invulnerability would soon fail. Shichirou suddenly twisted and slammed his head into Sah Mi's, causing chips of rubble to fall from the force of the impact. The martial artist tightened his grip until the cracking of ribs was audible.

"Why won't you go down?" he thundered.

"YOU FIRST!" shouted Shichirou, channeling all his strength into another headbutt. This time, it shattered through Sah Mi's stone armor, which began to crumble into gravel as he fell. Shichirou pulled himself to his feet, and for the first time, was able to hear the roaring of the crowd around him as they cheered his victory.

Letting out a ragged breath, Shichirou looked to his unconcious opponent. "Patient Rockslide did teach you well."
Cool story, did you pull off a 3 dot stunt in that fight? I'd guess you pulled a 2 dot ones at least.