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Emphasis mine. You mean "Kate" there, right?
thanks for the catch. fixed now.

Im enjoying this so far.
glad you like it!

I must admit, Im not a big fan of Killpi. This kleptomaniac stereotype would drive me nuts, as a player and as a DM. But if you guys have fun, its all fine, I guess
i can't speak for the DM or the other players, but i quite like it. (and as far as i can gather they do too). his thefts are not major game wrecking ordeals, and the players knows well enough to play with the party, having his little fun on the side. notice he never stole from the party, helped Glimji with hiding his identity, and the main reason for the laxatives was so he could get to the vault, not to aggravate players.

he wanted to tell Lynn and Ayla about it, but when they chose to sleep in comfy rooms while he slept at the barn, well...

I was actually more concerned at first at Lynn pissing people off.

Seeing as you play in what is called a "Frostfell" environment in D&D, does your DM use stuff from Frostburn, like the expanded rules for the harsh climate?
I don't know really. he has lots of books, so he may have that one as well. The DM is quite an outdoors man, so i think he mostly uses his own knowledge, expanding on the basic knowledge in the DM guide.