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    Quote Originally Posted by lordhenry4000 View Post
    I'm a little confused by Shichirou's invulnerability and caste mark and so on, but I feel that comes from ignorance of the system rather than your writing.
    I'll try and clarify a bit, then.

    The Exalted were created by the gods to defeat the Primordials in the time before the First Age. Even then, the gods had different roles in mind for them, hence the making of different "castes." For the Solar Exalted, castes can be discerned by a usually-invisible mark on their brow that glows as they use their power.

    Shichirou is what's known as a "Dawn Caste," which were the warriors and generals, unparalleled masters of the martial disciplines of the Exalted host. The caste mark of a Dawn is that of a golden sunburst.

    Quote Originally Posted by lordhenry4000 View Post
    Game mechanics aside, I was a little surprised to learn that his "invulnerability would soon fail" a few paragraphs after his invulnerability being "over", though.
    I've rewritten it, can you tell me if it looks a little clearer now?

    Quote Originally Posted by lordhenry4000 View Post
    This was a very enjoyable read though; must have been an intense session.
    Thanks, it was.
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