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...was this all in the same session?
The module is fairly short, so yes this all occurred in the same session.

I had read through the module before running them through it, but the only thing that I had noticed was the Sono/Sona bit. However, I don't go out of my way to find "easter eggs", as one of my players puts it.

Yet another snippet, this one from a session later in the campaign when one player had to leave early.

Should We Tell the Druid?
Norimo Miyuka was a proud young samurai from the Crane clan, but up until now she had never been given an assignment of great import. However, that all changed when The Red Hand of Doom began to pour into her beloved homeland of Kara-Tur.

When a wu-jen from her clan had divined that the leader of the Red Hand was searching for a ritual of some kind to attain godhood, the task had befallen Miyuka to find experienced adventurers and to assist them in whatever way she could (within reasonable decency of course, she thought to herself).

Now she found herself a thousand miles from home, deep beneath the earth in the legendary Tomb of Horrors. Miyuka traveled in the company of the only surviving adventurers who had encountered the Red Hand and lived to tell the tale, though the tales she had heard were less than impressive. Herodrith, Tom, and Niani were hardly the bold and daring heroes she had hoped them to be, but perhaps they merely needed someone to show them the way.

Miyuka sighed as she sat down across from her companions. The three adventurers seemed to argue among themselves quite frequently, and often about things she did not understand. In recent memory, they had argued about whether they could put wand chambers into wands, whether Niani needed a saddle to ride her animal companion, and even whether Miyuka was really wearing cloth armor or if it was actually glamoured full plate.

The young samurai tuned them out and tried to meditate as she waited for them to resolve their argument, but an icy chill ran up her spine when she heard Herodrith mention her name.

"Miyuka is just an expendable resource," the priest said bluntly.

"Aye, but I doubt we'll get another sweet treat like her," Tom laughed. "Nice and tough, nice flanking partner, nice ass, nice rack, and nice blonde hair. What's not to like? You'd just hire a sweaty barbarian dude or something."

"Barbarian? Ugh, no. I'd hire a wizard."

"And you two wonder why no one ever wants to stay in the group," Niani grumbled.

"I am not a resource to be cast off on a whim," Miyuka said defiantly.

"Oh, you were paying attention?" Herodrith asked, surprised.

"I am always aware of my surroundings," the samurai replied. "I would ask that you never refer to me as expendable again. Oh, and Tom, keep your wandering eyes to yourself lest you find them removed from your skull."

"That's not a nice thing to do ..." Tom replied sheepishly.

"I'm a good person, not a nice one," Miyuka said flatly.

"You two are hopeless," Niani sighed. "Anyway, I have to go. Don't let anything bad happen, okay?"

"No promises," Herodrith grumbled.

"Definition of 'bad'?" Tom asked.

"I will defend the peace of Faerun with my life," Miyuka said boldly, rising to her feet and bowing to the little halfling.

Niani sighed, turned into an owl, and flew back the way the group had come. The three pressed on, Miyuka opting to take point, though she entrusted Tom to decide what path to follow. At length they encountered a heavily reinforced door that took several minutes to batter their way through.

They were making good time down the hall when the floor suddenly dropped out from beneath their feet, and Miyuka found herself sliding down a steep ramp that terminated in a massive pit of lava. Thinking fast, she drew her wakizashi and plunged it into the stone ramp. She silently thanked her ancestors as the blade stuck firmly, though now she found herself dangling only a few feet above the deadly pool of lava. Not surprisingly, her two companions had saved themselves through some magical means, as they both hovered in mid-air at the top of the ramp.

"Help me!" she cried out.

"I can't lift her," Tom said to Herodrith.

"You're in melee all the time," Herodrith countered.

"Weapon Finesse, duh. What's your excuse for not getting her?"

"You're stronger than me, and my full plate and tower shield already heavily encumber me."

"Hey Miyuka, how much do you weigh?" Tom shouted down to her.

"About sixty-three kilograms, but what does that have to do with anything?" Miyuka replied, puzzled.

"Uh, can I get that in pounds?"

"Just throw me a rope or something!"

The two hovering adventurers looked at her as if she was a small child that had said something foolish.

"No one has mundane items nowadays," Herodrith said reproachfully.

"Rope and grappling hook, I remember the days," Tom laughed.

To Miyuka's horror, the two adventurers began to lazily fly away, leaving her dangling at the edge of the pit. The heat was oppressive, and she knew that her arms would tire long before the trap reset itself.

"I'll hire a wizard," she heard Herodrith say.

"Why not a sorceress?" Tom's voice echoed.

"Meh ... only a well-built one."

"Well-built? I like the sound of that. Should we tell the druid?"

Miyuka's heart sank when she heard the heavy iron door slam shut, finalizing her abandonment. Still, she would not give up just yet. Carefully, she drew her katana with her right hand and drove it into the stone ramp with all her might. A cold smile crept across her lips when she found the hold was firm.

Norimo Miyuka would make it clear to Tom and Herodrith why it is unwise to abandon a samurai of the Crane clan.