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    Hildur Lange
    I don't care about any of your fights, I'm just looking for a good drop.

    Alias: Maarsukaal
    Gender: Female
    Race: Demi-dragon
    Age: 22
    Profession: Snowboarder

    Description: Hildur is very tall, about 6' 2". She once had blue eyes, but they are now the pale golden color of Gossamer. Her Swedish ancestry shows in her blonde hair, which she typically wears short so that she can fit it all under a hood. She is almost always in winter clothing specifically, a white and red heavy jacket and black snow pants. She used to have a pair of goggles, but burned them to avoid turning into a dragon, which didn't entirely work. She always wears a glove made of Gossamer metal - her focus for Shaping.

    At any time, she can change into her demi-dragon form, which is a little larger than the average horse. In this form, she is a creature of grace, with scales and wings of Gossamer.

    Personality: The most important thing to Hildur by far is snowboarding. She talks to people and tends to be very kind, but her mind is pretty much always on flying down a mountain on her board. Because of this, some might see her as aloof or absent-minded, but she's actually rather intelligent. Still, she tends to not be all that interested in the goings-on of the world.

    Partially because of her recent transformation, Hildur also has a hunger for fame, wealth, and recognition. She both wants and needs to spread her Name, Maarsukaal.

    Abilities: Hildur has a knack for surviving things that nobody else should namely, huge falls. Cold temperatures that should bother her just don't seem to. And, of course, she's very good at snowboarding.

    She's also a reasonably powerful Air Shaper. Since she is essentially a Dragon in human form, Hildur becomes more powerful the more she feeds a hunger for glory and fortune.

    Equipment: Hildur only has her recently repaired clothes on her clothing.
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