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    The dull, almost dead light that permeates your home dimmed many hours ago, the perpetual cloud bank thickening and cutting off great shafts of the bare radiance. Outside, the dusk is gathering. The majority of Azer's residents have taken shelter for the night, unwilling to roam the twilight that will endure for several more hours, even in the safety of a city of the Walker's Step.

    Guards patrol the streets, with Priests of the Walker beside them, their holy symbols glinting in the torchlight.

    But all that is outside. And within the estate of Lord Callista, that does not matter right now. House Callista is one of the founding families of the city of Azer. It is also quite possibly one of the most influential - for it is no secret that their power spreads far beyond their home. But as a family, they are also good to those under their care.

    Seventy years ago, it was House Callista who ensured the success of a vote to finance basic schooling for all inhabitants of Azer. Forty one years ago they pushed through a law - against substantial opposition - that outlawed slavery within both Azer and the area patrolled by its guards. And nineteen years ago, it was Callistan's who formed - and led many - of the groups of arcanists and healers who ventured north to try and rebuild what the Third Great Tide had obliterated.

    Its reputation is beyond reproach, even by the Church. But there is a saying. Where there is blood, the blood suckers gather. Where there is power, the power suckers gather. And it is as true a thousand years ago as it is now. Whilst they may have succeeding in securing themselves from such influences thus far, this event implies that their control on such things may be slipping.

    It's a simple concert really, performed in the main theatre hall of the Callistan Estate. The Lord's Box is empty, the ornate furnishings well polished and gleaming, but unattended. Much like many of those at the party in fact. There are none willing to openly voice their distrust in the guards of House Callista. And whilst there is some tenseness about the number of mercenaries present, it is relatively little when compared to what it could be.

    Bard Telaya finishes her current piece with a flourish, bows to the enthusiastic applause and then announces a short break so that she and her musicians may prepare for the final part of their so-far deeply impressing performance.
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