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Thread: There's archers, and then there's THIS.

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    Cripes. Did not think expect that. At all.
    I'm new. To D&D and the forums. My highest character is level 7, and my only magical item is a bow that gives +1 to hit and and d6+1 negative energy damage. I can only DREAM of a bow as epic as what you've just told me. So yeah, I didn't expect that.

    But that's why I posted into these forums into the first place, to have people find out my mistakes.

    First off though, some of your terms: what's 'minimal WBL investment' and 'PrC'?

    As for power draw, what I meant was you trade in to hit bonuses for damage bonuses. For a -4 to hit, you get +4 damage, with a limit of up to your BAB. Nothing more. It has no bonus effects for wielding a two-handed weapon.

    Eagle Eyes allowing the true archer to access higher level feats earlier than normal was fully intended. They're the best after all. Unless this allows for a really cheap munchkin move that I don't know about. Is there one?
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