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    Quote Originally Posted by strider24seven View Post
    At level 15, the archery path gets Rain of Arrows, which is the holy grail of anyone who uses attack rolls. AoE, with to-hit rolls, and can crit. I will use the example of a marrow-crushing, souldrinking weapon, used with multiple shot and rapid shooting. Assuming a haste spell or similar effect is cast beforehand (you're level 15, so this should be assumed anyway), that's 5*2*4 attacks (b/c of eagle eye)=40 attacks, all of which attack all creatures in a 3x3 block. They do get a reflex save to ignore damage, but stacking on-hit effects devastates anything in this area (seeking+bloodseeking+wraithstrike makes AC and cover and concealment irrelevant). In the above example, all creatures in a 3 square by 3 square area (9 creatures) automatically receive 38 CON damage and 38 negative levels (I'm counting 2 natural 1's here). Even if they have Evasion. Oh, and you get lots of bonus damage from Power Draw (which, because of the phrase "as power attack," lets you get bonus damage from using a 2-handed weapon, which is probably not your intent), and Deadly Skill. This is all very situational, I know, but that's an extreme example of what one can do with moderate investment and low optimization using only 3 books+core+this class.

    To fix the issue with Rain of Arrows, I would suggest removing the attack roll, and have the archer make a modified check (not a skill or ability check, mind you) against the opponents AC, and the archer would receive a bonus equal to his normal attack bonus for that attack.
    How do you get 40 attacks? I thought haste only added one attack? That would be 4x2 +1. 9 attacks.
    I also read the effects for power attack. And no, with Overdraw you do not get 2 points of damage for every point of attack penalty for the bow.
    As for such a broken weapon, I don't think a DM who's been briefed on the True Archer (and he would have to be, with this being a homebrew and all), would allow you to use such a weapon knowing the carnage you could cause wielding it with this class.
    I also don't think enemies on your challenge rating would be clumped that closely. DMs donít make such enemies go on zergling rushes, they make them attack on different sides, or at least far away enough that you'd hit two at most with an area of effect attack(I know the ones I fought always were) like rain of arrows, which is purposed specifically for taking down tons of lower level enemies, which WOULD be clumped closely together on a zergling rush. Also, you hit your allies with it. When fighting enemies on your level, there's always a tank in close combat duking it out with the enemy, and you can't use rain of arrows or risk hitting him.
    As you've said, that's very situational, and I think will happen rarely enough that it doesn't make the volley archer too much of a nuker.

    Unless I'm missing something again, in which case, regarding your suggestion for the rain of arrows nerf:

    Yes, your suggestion could work, though the true archer should still be able to do it as many times as his BAB allows him to. With Eagle Eyes, because it's a fundamental part of the class, unless that makes the ability too cheap.
    Also, does this mean there's no critical? Because if there isn't, then I'll have to change the capstone for Volley Archers.

    Is it really that bad, though? I keep on hearing about wizards being overpowered to the ninth degree, specifically, they're 'flame-spewing apocalypses in human form'. Is what this class can do enough to challenge a high level wizard of his level?
    I mean, it's SUPPOSED to be near the level of a wizard focused completely on battle spells in the carnage it can cause (and just a squishy, if not more since it doesn't get defense spells *cough*magearmor*cough*). If the true archer can cause MORE destruction however, then there's something wrong, and the entire class may have to be nerfed or, god forbid, scrapped completely.
    Hopefully not.
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