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First off though, some of your terms: what's 'minimal WBL investment' and 'PrC'?
Minimal WBL (Weath by Level) investment - players have an expected amount of gold based on their level. Skill boosting items are fairly easy and inexpensive to acquire. In this case, you could get an item of +30 to Concentration checks for 90k. That might seem expensive, until you realize that you're getting +30 damage from that item.

PrC stands for Prestige Class.

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Eagle Eyes allowing the true archer to access higher level feats earlier than normal was fully intended. They're the best after all. Unless this allows for a really cheap munchkin move that I don't know about. Is there one?
There are many many PrCs that use BAB to limit the level you can access them. While I doubt early entry into any of them will break the game, since you won't be a caster, it is worthy of note.

Additionally, BAB is tradionally one of the things that cannot be increased...at least, not past 20. Once you hit Epic levels your BAB gains change. But Eagle Eyes...does this mean that you can acquire a 26/21/16/11/6/1 full attack from just his BAB? Because officially there is no way to get more than a BAB of 20.