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  • A level 15 True Archer has a Base Attack bonus of +20/+15/+10/+5 (15 from levels, 5 from Eagle Eyes). We are currently at 4 attacks.
  • Haste adds an additional attack. (5 attacks)
  • Rapid Shooting doubles that. (10 attacks)
  • Multishot allows us 3 additional arrows per attack, for a total of 4 arrows with each attack, thanks to 20 BAB. (40 attacks)
  • And with just one more level we jump to 60 attacks in total!
  • At level 20 you're looking at 84 arrows!!! And you don't even need to use Rain of Arrows, that's optional.
*cough*Splitting*Cough* (Yes, almost universally considered cheese but worth mentioning when we're talking about such massive amounts of attacks.)

The break point comes even sooner than that in my mind though. Even without Haste, Splitting, or any other multiple attack method you end up with 18 attacks at level five (admittedly all at -4 penalties but that's still 12 with -2 FAR better than two weapon fighting ever gets and much more quickly [I know TWF is not a balance point]) With any Negative level or stat damage option this becomes absurdly powerful.

This is a good concept and having a volley attack archer is a really cool idea and archetype the multiplicative method may not be the best option for this as Mammon so eloquently showed (as the attack progression scales quadratically and health for everything scales in a linear fashion)

I am not entirely sure how to make the Volley archer viable without being OP yet but I'll get back to you if I think of something. (Possibly scaling back the multiples or giving one point of multiplication that scales up (x2 to x3 to x4 to x5) or something like that.