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    Moira seems lost in the performance, trying to absorb the performance with her senses. She is genuinely satisfied, unaware that she might draw a look or 2 since she dressed herself appropriately for the occasion.

    "She was fantastic! Really I must keep an eye for her talent."

    The pause gives her time to return to her senses, trying to find a better position to enjoy the show or any familiar faces to share her satisfaction with the show.
    Moira's Perception


    Nightbane, ever vigilant and indifferent for those alien to him sounds, is constantly checking if any of those close to Moira plan to actively harm her. It hides into the closest shadowed vantage point and observes.
    So much warmth, so much noise it thinks to itself.

    Nightbane's Perception

    Blindsight 60' , superior low light vision. If possible it includes Moira and the people who are adjacent to her inside the radius of its blindsight.

    Nightbane's Sense Motive

    It understands Common and its native tongue.

    Nightbane's Stealth

    It takes 10 and he is half inside the roof in a square that has shadow illumination (normal cover). It doesn't make any noise due to incorporeality. DC 26 to find it without range penalties.
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