The middle aged woman that Haken addressed turns to him, and the half-orc senses her barely suppressing a double take at the comment. Then she shakes off the sudden confusion and smiles.

"I have no idea, my friend." She replies, then leans in closer and lowers her voice. "Although...I hear she just returned from a trip to Elysia. And that she was actually allowed out of Haven, their capital." The woman's eyes sparkle with fascinated joy, then she shakes herself and extends her hand. "My apologies, kind sir, I haven't even introduced myself. Abigail Lucina. And you are..?"

((Yes, you almost caught a noble flinching. You rolled really well on Sense Motive there ))


Falthor's eyes skim across the crowd in concert with Moira's, two sets of pale, frozen eyes moving across the inhabitants of the room with hidden confidence.

Falthor sees Moira first, but that is scarcely surprising considering his area of expertise. A sudden lance of feeling flows out from their amulets, connecting the two and Moira glances around as Queen recognises Knight. Ice meets ice across the room, as two disciples of Shadow find each other once again.

Moira's gushing outburst brought a few gazes, and Nightbane shifts uneasily for a few seconds before calming as the agreement in the body language and tones of those who had noticed registers.

((And we have recog-ignition ))


Around you all, the crowd falls into easy conversation, most directed at trying to guess what Telaya's finale will be.