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Those are hardly broken abilities to place on any weapon, including a bow. I'd much prefer the Splitting enhancement (Champions of Ruin).

  • Marrowcrushing is from Book of Vile Darkness, and it is essentially Wounding, except it's a +3 bonus can can be multiplied on crits.
  • Souldrinking is also in BoVD and is a more expensive version of Enervating.
  • Seeking is an enhancement that negates miss chances.
  • Blood Seeking is from Complete Warrior and allows you to ignore cover when shooting.
  • Wraithstrike is a spell that only applies to melee attacks, so he's off there.

I don't know why he chose to go with the BoVD abilities rather than the SRD and MIC ones. Presumably for the crit procs.

Regardless, a DM shouldn't have to saw no to weapon abilities as common and balanced as those. The problem lies with the class ability to fire an absurd amount of arrows.

Then you need to remove "as power attack." Because as writen, that means you get the increased return on damage, since all bows are two-handed weapons.
I am new to D&D, and so did not know about those enhancements. Still, as you've admitted, the problem lies with the sheer amount of arrows the archer can fire.

Once again, I will say that most of the shots will miss if you maximize the amount against a monster on your challenge rating.
Seeking and Bloodseeking only works if the enemy is concealed or has cover in some way. Otherwise it does not help at all.
Yes, monsters will take a lot of damage whenever you hit them with those enhancements, but you have to hit them first.
Let's take some monsters around challenge rating 15 and their ACs: Horned Devil (35), Ice Devil (32), Storm Giant (27), Golden Protector (29).

By level 15 you have +20 to hit from you class BAB and abilities. Add in feats and magical weapons and let's say you have +30.

Let's say a d20= 10. So that's a +40. You hit all of them with the first two attacks (rapid shooting included). The next, at -5, barely hits all of them. After that you only hit on a 1/4 chance or worst. Using Multishot (which, FYI, is just manyshot, only you don't have to take improved manyshot to shoot more than four arrows at once) makes your chances of hitting WORSE. Perhaps adding one on the first attacks will give you two or more hits, but at the -10 and -15 ones? No, not a good idea to add a -4 to those. You'll have crapshoot aiming by then.

See? Not so cheesy when take in your aiming. (unless I'm missing something, AGAIN)

Edit: I changed the overdraw. It is not 'as power attack' now. I'm going to change the precision and deadly precision too...