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Thread: There's archers, and then there's THIS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Mentalist View Post
    *cough*Splitting*Cough* (Yes, almost universally considered cheese but worth mentioning when we're talking about such massive amounts of attacks.)

    The break point comes even sooner than that in my mind though. Even without Haste, Splitting, or any other multiple attack method you end up with 18 attacks at level five (admittedly all at -4 penalties but that's still 12 with -2 FAR better than two weapon fighting ever gets and much more quickly [I know TWF is not a balance point]) With any Negative level or stat damage option this becomes absurdly powerful.
    HOW does a level 5 true archer get 18 attacks at level five? At level five it has +7 to hit. So that's two attacks. Double that with rapid shooting to four. Then add in multishot (you can only add 1 arrow to each attack since you're only one 5 points above +1 to hit), which is 8. Remember though that multishot has manyshot penalties, so ALL of your attacks are at -4 to hit. With your bonuses and let's say a simple magical weapon, your highest possible attack bonus is +5 for half your attacks. +0 for the other half.

    For you to cause absurd damage, you'd have to HIT first. Using too many arrows makes hitting hard, and so you'll have to lessen your attacks. which makes it not so cheap.

    Still, splitting DOES make it doubly effective, yeah...
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