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This is a good concept and having a volley attack archer is a really cool idea and archetype the multiplicative method may not be the best option for this as Mammon so eloquently showed (as the attack progression scales quadratically and health for everything scales in a linear fashion)

I am not entirely sure how to make the Volley archer viable without being OP yet but I'll get back to you if I think of something. (Possibly scaling back the multiples or giving one point of multiplication that scales up (x2 to x3 to x4 to x5) or something like that.
I just gave my say on why I think it's not overpowered. If I'm right, then all's well.

If not, and I missed something again, then I'm out of ideas on how to make a viable volley archer.

Considering that all the comments have been about the volley archer, I'm guessing the Sniper Archer isn't OP after I nerfed it. So I don't have to scrap the class after all. Still, if I'm wrong about the volley, then half the class is still OP, and I don't know what to do.

So help me if I I'm wrong...