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    We have so many people checking the public. Perhaps an alternate point of view would be more appropriate. thought Moira as if she tried to excuse to herself the urge to peek Telaya for clues for her next performance.
    "I think it would be a good idea to check the backstage, discreetly. There are so many eyes here, it makes me feel there aren't enough there.", she whispers to Falthor's ear.
    "I will be 'away' for a few minutes. If anyone asks, I am kinda tired at the moment"

    Assuming a positive response from Falthor, Moira casts Bend Perspective.
    (No somatic/verbal components, DC 23 perception to notice that my shadow moves, DC 16 or 20 spellcraft (mystery/non-mystery user) to recognize mystery if they pass the spot.). All of my senses are transfered to the perspective.
    I choose a perspective closest to the backstage door then shift my perspective on what's behind the door, as far as it is needed to get the perspective at the center of the backstage room. 1 shift (up to 10') so I have 4 minutes of view remaining.
    I do not get inside the performer's rooms however respecting their privacy. Just checking what's happening there.
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