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    "Ah, you would be one of the mercenaries that the House hired for this event then." Her smile doesn't falter. In fact it seems to brighten. "But you asked about Telaya. Yes, from what I've managed to find out, she was actually allowed outside of Haven during her time in Elysia. Apparently Astera herself interceded on her behalf to allow it."

    Haken scans the crowd carefully whilst listening, but notices nothing out of the ordinary - except that a few guards have vanished through the doors to the hall.


    Zalabar too notices the guards as they vanish through the doors of the hall, moving with calm efficiency, but nothing more.


    As Falthor watches the crowd, he too sees the five guardsman slip out through the main doors, but his primary attention is on making sure that Moria is secure.


    Moira's perspective jumps out away from her, her shadow spinning across the floor once, then again through the door and into the centre of the backstage room where she sees Bard Telaya talking animatedly with her fellows.

    "-the Lord himself is on his way! Can you believe it? Lord Callista, torn away from House matters to see us!" She's holding a small piece of paper in front of her colleagues, their expressions mirrors of hers. The paper - obviously a letter from what you can see - is stamped with the seal of House Callista.

    "Ok. In that case, we need to change our plans." Telaya says quickly. "Relys, what do you think about..." She stops suddenly as one of the musicians makes a strange gesture. She looks around, and you feel magic flare around you as Telaya's turquoise eyes impale your viewpoint. She tilts her head to one side for a second, then smiles gently.

    "I appreciate your concern, my Lady of Shadow, but we are safe. And I think that you had more in mind then simply ensuring our safety." Her voice speaks into Moira's thoughts, her tone shimmering violet and sweet silver. "I shall see you on stage, my Lady. Enjoy the performance."

    For a moment there is nothing. Then a swirling mix of water, leaves and nature seem to flow out of Telaya's eyes. It sweeps over Moira's perspective, surounding it, and she abruptly finds herself back in her body.
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