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    "Let's just say she is capable with the art of magic, and more perceptive than I anticipated. Anyway she can handle her protection if needed more than we can. If you wish to investigate the situation here, know that you will not be alone.". She paused, regaining her composure then continued "Lord Callista will be here soon. In an room filled with armed people. His visit could have any possible outcome."

    Assuming Falthor deciding to go after the guards Moira signals for Nightbane to come with her hand, a gesture that would be found innocent for one who doesn't know her bond with the elemental or that an incorporeal entity is half inside the roof, and it hastily comes under her feet (discreetly, traveling inside the walls and floor to reach her).

    Assuming no interruptions, she whispers to it in their shared tongue "Follow the shadow brother discreetly. Warn him of any danger, protect him from harm but return if you are badly wounded."
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