Nice start, Vixsor. Sounds like there's some history to that character.

Moral tests

We have destroyed the first obelisk. There were no proper traps within-we were tested in several ways, with greed being first.

There was a huge door, flanked by two normal doors. On the left, a room with a huge amount of treasure. I don't think all the dragons in Faerun have so much. And somehow, I think the protections would have been similar. We left it alone. In the room on the right, simply a small bowl and a sign that read 'tithe'.

" this a tithe of our treasure, or that huge pile?"

"Good question. We would be here for months if it's the pile. Let's start with ours."

That was right. The huge pile vanished. A good thing we didn't mess with it.

There were several such tests. We were sent many places, and tested many times. Most notable were when we saved an old man from the cost of letting them keep the wagon he and his daughter were on. Irthos gave them a gem he had found earlier. He confided later that he had planned on saving it for a ritual that would give him the power to use magic.

A ritual that consumes a gemstone to imbue him with magic. Kobolds are more dangerous than I thought.

Also of note was when we were sent to an old woman's cottage. We helped prepare her home for an important guest...I tried to help her cook. I'm good with magic, cooking can't be that hard...But, well, the disciplines aren't related. I tried to make a pie and got a tiny golem.

I really didn't think that was possible. Particularly as an accident.

But, we did bring down the tower. The blade hidden in the tower was the sort most humans could only use with both hands.

I don't know why Irthos took it. It looked ridiculous.

On the other hand, I have an apple pie golem watching me write this.

We made a deal with the guardian beast. He wanted to leave the isle, so he gave us a lost tooth kept in a pouch around his neck as proof that we had defeated him. We were given use of the ship, and are now on our way to the mainland, with the guardian on board.

One major occurrence while we sailed. We saw the shadow of a huge beast deep in the water. It was larger than the monk's isle...and the guardian said that beasts like this will flood into our world until the obelisks controlled by the devils are dealt with.

A chilling thought. Particularly if a leviathan such as that were loosed on the land.