Falthor steps back nimbly ducking into the crowd and out of the way. He was about to berate the one who opened the door so quickly, and apparentlly carelessly, but his words died on his lips when he realized who they were. Staying in the crowd, he watches and listens for any threats to Lord Callista or his men. The sudden appearance of almost every important person he was tasked with protecting set him on edge. Then Telaya began to play.

All the tension left his body and he closed his eyes to better enjoy the sounds of pure beauty that echoed across the room. The acoustics of the room were perfect and the players knew and exploited it. Each note fell perfectly against the next and through it all Telaya's voice wound and tied it together. When the moment ended Falthor opened his eyesto find them blurred by tears. Wiping his eyes, he smiled and thought, If I am ever even half that good, I can die happily. Someday I will meet her and.... I don't know yet, but something like that deserves a personal response beyond a thank you or applause. but he knew today had more pressing concerns, like the job he was forgetting to do. He walked back over to Moira and stood quietly, waiting for someone to break the spell of what had just occured.