The crowd falls to total silence around you as Telaya weaves the magic of her voice around all within the hall. A gentle breeze fills the air, sweeping out from the performers, carrying with it the fragrant bouquet of nature in spring. Images of what can only be Elysia flicker on the wind, fleeting pictures of life and beauty.

And then, far too soon, the piece ends. The final words fade away as the music falls gently silent. Telaya's fingers rise from the keys of the piano and she stands slowly, eye's wide in awe at what she has done.

Then, like the first drops of rain ahead of a downpour, a few scattered hands clap together. And the spell breaks. Applause erupts from the audience as they rise to their feet in a wave, praise flowing effusive from their lips. Tears flow freely down the faces of men and woman alike, regardless of race, as the beauty of Telaya's music sinks deep into their souls.

It is a glorious moment, a wonderful and beautiful rejection of what Hell is. And you are so caught up in it that you almost don't notice.

At the centre of the hall, there stand three men. They blend in easily, their clothes matching those around them. But...they weren't there when Telaya's song began. And as you watch, they start to move through the crowd. It takes a bare matter of moments for you all to realise where they're heading.

Straight towards the Lord's Box, and its unaware occupants.