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Thread: D&D Snippets II: The Snippetting

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    That's a good point; it's obvious in my brain but I don't know why I'd expect anyone else to know it. There are a couple reasons why they (Charlize in particular) didn't speak up, but the most prominent is that we're fugitives and dressed as pilgrims, Claaus' failure to remain in disguise notwithstanding. The society is a mageocracy with a very rigid caste system, so there was no way Charlize could have intervened without giving a name, which we can't afford to have checked (everything gets checked with this DM. Every bureaucracy in the world finishes all their paperwork every day, with time and motivation to spare to investigate anything and everything). There are some other reasons but I'll be trying to work them into the story as I go. Anyway, I edited in a bit about that; hopefully it's a clearer now.

    @Planar Travel

    Oh... Oh my... I do LOVE that you aren't just thrown into the real world, but specifically into a real-world zombie-apocalypse. Good stuff! Also,
    I think that they are similar to paladins.
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