@lordhenry: I thought it was quite well written, though I have to say that a bit of back story on the city would have been nice. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but I loved the Irish accent that the priest had.

Also, glad you like Herodrith. He's a good player, but he can be a pain in the neck sometimes.

Conclusion: these were all fantastic; make more now.
You got it!

You Know It's The End of the Campaign When ...
"Why are we in Sigil?" Herodrith sighed.

"To stop Vecna from eradicating the multiverse," Niani replied.

"To get my revenge!" Tamashi growled. "No one steals my divinity and gets away with it!"

"Because this is our third attempt at world saving and it looks bad if we screw up again?" Tom said with a shrug.

"I know .... but why Sigil?" Herodrith grumbled. "I hate Sigil."

"You've never even been to Sigil," Niani reminded him.

"But we met someone from Sigil, and she talked funny."

"I liked Kuri. She was fun."

"I liked her too," Tom said with a wry grin.

"We all know why you liked her," Niani said flatly.

Tamashi sneered irritably at the three adventurers. She hated that she had been forced to work with the mongrels that had been hounding her every step as she guided the Red Hand to greatness. Though she was an elf woman, Tamashi wielded the respect and fear of the hobgoblins, the giants, the kuo-toa, and even the drow elves. Then again, fear and respect were easy to come by when one has been blessed by three deities: Tiamat, Hextor, and Lolth.

Then Vecna had to steal away her divine power to bootstrap himself to full godhood, and now he threatened to ruin everything Tamashi had worked so hard to achieve. The multiverse was hers to unite and command, not his to destroy!

As the four of them walked through the crowded streets of Sigil, a sudden cry of delight caught their attention as a pink-haired tiefling girl came bounding over to them. Niani squeeled with delight and hugged the tiefling's knees.

"Well I'll be a sodding coney-catcher's daughter!" the tiefling said excitedly. "I never did reckon I'd eyeball you canny bloods banging around the Cage! Are you planewalking spivs here to deal with the power that went and slipped through The Lady's net?"

"It's good to see you again, Kuri," Niani said happily.

"I hate Sigil slang ..." Herodrith sighed.

"I agree," Tamashi said in a low voice, wondering if she could kill the tiefling before the adventurers could stop her.

"So where is this, uh, power at?" Tom asked.

"I'll show ya," Kuri offered. "Vecna went and hidey-holed in the Doomguard's armory. There's a lot of graybeards and berks who think they can get inside, but all the ones that do more than rattle their bone-boxes end up in the dead book faster than a wink."

She led them to the armory where a massive crowd had gathered around a large and imposing building. However, they all kept a safe distance away, and there was also a small perimeter of empty space around The Lady of Pain, who graced the area with her presence.

"We got here just in time," Kuri said mischievously. "Another couple of addle-coves gonna try the barrier!"

Elminster and Drzzt, two people known across the multiverse, strode confidently toward the building. Elminster cast every protective spell in his impressive arsenal, and thus warded the two of them strode confidently toward the armory. They made it up to the front doors before the two of them were instantly torn asunder by Vecna's divine will.

Tom collapsed to the floor in a fit of laughter.