Yeah; it's been a struggle trying to decide how and when to give setting exposition. The trouble is, by this point in the campaign the party is around level 15-16 (started at level 1), and the campaign has been going for about 6 years of in-game time, so there's no need for the characters to be talking about that kind of stuff. Was there anything in particular that I didn't give you that you felt you needed to know about the setting for this snippet? Or was it a more general, wish-I-knew-more sort of feel? (If you haven't read the precursors to this story, they do give a bit more background, though admittedly not a whole lot). I'd very much like to know what sorts of things aren't clear while I'm revising the next couple snippets.

And yes, that's what you get when I'm editing things over St. Patty's Day.

@End of Campaign
WELP. TIME TO LEAVE. Although this party apparently all lived through the ToH, so maybe they have above-average-enough survivability to deal with it. I'm also curious how Tamashi ended up having to work with these guys. Good work as usual!

Specific comments:
First off, Herodrith's first line is priceless. Great way to kick this snippet off.

She hated that she had been forced to work with...
This feels a little awkward tense-wise, since she's presumably still being "forced" to work with the party. Nothing in my brain feels particularly smooth as a replacement, but something like "hated having to work with" or "hated that she was forced to work with" might be a little clearer.

"I hate Sigil slang ..." Herodrith sighed.
I love the Sigil slang.

They made it up to the front doors before the two of them were instantly torn asunder by Vecna's divine will.
This feels a little too casual to me, even though that's kind of the point. It's casual on Vecna's end, sure, but (correct me if I'm mistaken) the ease with which he dispatches these two is supposed to be a bit of a shock (to the reader), and that's not coming across here.