Hmp, details. We're dealing with both.

Besides, it's not my fault I forgot which one balors are...

Day on the town

It's hard to write like this. I hope I can actually read it later...

We were sent as a foraging party today. Elle was sent along with us, in part to act as guide, and because we don't know anything about this metalwork they use in place of magic.

She was apparently a thief of some kind-they released her because they needed all the help they could get to stay alive. She'll certainly help us...if nothing else, it's good to know what these people are talking about.

Our foraging found us a working 'car' of the sleek-looking ones. Elle said it was a mustang. It looks nothing like a horse, but I'll take her word for it. Thankfully, this is the sort of thing she usually steals.

"Just a minute...


Ugh. Forget the quiet way, then. Gimme that club for a sec..."

I really hope she can do better than that next time.

She drove it to a gas station. It was explained to me that the machines that ran the place were subservient to one that made power for them. As it was dark inside, it was my job to find it.

I can't imagine how I survived without my darksight. Such a usful thing to have...

When we found it, Elle repaired it...I think? I don't know if it was broken. Afterward, the place filled with light. We grabbed a lot of little metal containers that apparently had food in them. Only...we didn't have a car anymore. Someone had stolen it.

But it left a trail of liquid, so we followed it.

It was put in a building filled with people in black, red-spattered robes.

"So...I think we should NOT get their attention if we can help it."

"Agreed. Let's go for stealth."

That was ruined pretty quick. The entrance we tried was filled with zombies.

Now, it would have been ruined if we'd noticed they were inert. As it was, I think the sounds of gunfire, spellcraft and thwacking garnered attention. It turns out that the cult of Asmodeus likes madmen that can track what's happening on the other side of a door.

These madmen weren't much challenge, however.

So we recovered (and fixed) the mustang, and also found another car the size of a small building. So we took that back to the barricade, along with the food, and the liquid that makes cars go. We also brought back the sacrifice the cultists made. Given that supplies were short already, they may not thank us for bringing back someone who was set on fire, then healed. She isn't likely to be useful to them for a while.

Irthos, however, will be. He chose to remain there, since he didn't feel he could contribute to our quest if he couldn't fight properly.

I find myself hoping he returns to us, but it isn't likely.

So now we are are in the car, with Elle driving in the direction the compass points us.

I actually look forward to reaching the obelisk. They may be dangerous, but at least I know what's happening...