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    Name: Caledonia Andrews
    Age: 19
    Race: Foxgirl, demonic taint
    Alig: CN/CG
    Desc: Caledonia is about 5'8" and fairly skinny, with an average skin tone, black hair, and dark green eyes. More often than not, she has a pair of grey fox ears and a tail to match (taking after Angela). She tends to wear cargo pants, usually grey, and has her tops in various plaids.
    Callie now has demonic taint and has red pupils and black sclera.

    Abilities/Equipment: Callie has some deific powers (pocket dimensions, teleportation, shapeshifting) but mostly sticks to murdering the hell out of things with her trusty claymore. And now, demon powers!

    Personality: Callie is cheery, though perhaps not entirely sensible. Her enthusiasm and enjoyment of having her fox ears petted seem to outweigh common sense, and she likes eating bunnies a little too much. She describes herself as asexual and "pan-hugs-ual".

    Theme Song: Bloody Stream - Coda
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